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    Which player or players has left the greatest impression on you after 2 games this season?

    For me it is obviously Barrett Ruud, and I'm sure nobody will disagree with me. The guy has been a monster so far and has exceeded all expectation of him. Last season people would knock him for his poor tackling skills but how things have changed. How can you not love his technique? The way he always gets his hands on the ball is going to be a great asset for the Buc's this year.

    Ruud isn't the only player this year who I have been impressed with. Jermaine Phillips has really stepped up his play which is great. I've always like the guy and hope he continues improving as he can be a fairly good starter. At this rate we won't get to see much of Sabby, but I'll leave judgment on him till he gets extensive playing time.

    I've really enjoyed watching Jovan Haye playing in the middle for Tampa. The D-Line as a whole has improved relative to last years pitiful attempt. Greg White is also a guy who really intrigues me.

    I also believe the WR corp has stepped up this season albeit still being relatively weak in comparison to the rest of the NFL. Hilliard's hands are safe as can be and the Garcia/Galloway connection is magical. Clayton has also impressed me and is proving to be a great team player. His block on Kaesviharn was great too watch.

    The first two games have got me excited for the future. Guys like Phillips, T-Jax, June, Ruud, Clayton, Smith, Joseph, Trueblood, Askew and Buchanon have all performed well. Hopefully we see a continuance of this throughout the rest of the season.

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