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Garcia To The Bucs?

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    Originally posted by Merlin View Post
    Really, you have a link?
    So what do I know....lols

    While I'm not doing cart wheels, Garcia is an upgrade, as for Plummer, I think this is a great short term move, it's a conditional draft pick, (see the word conditional?) that means if jake decides to retire, then there is no pick.

    Also, with us getting the RIGHTS to plummer, that keeps Oakland in the hunt for a QB in the draft, and it gives us a chance to TRADE Jake's rights to a team that he DOES want to play for (Houston?), assuming that he doesn't want to compete for his position here.

    Ok, we'll probably be back to square one in a year or two, but a lot can happen in that time?
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      I don't think he will ever get the chance to start. The only PT he will get is when we are up 70-0 against the Saints, after Simms throws 10 TD passes.

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