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    With the draft only days away, I thought it would be interesting for everyone to post their Buccaneer-only mock. Try and be as realistic as possible.

    I'll start things off.

    Round 1 - Mike Jenkins, CB, University of South Florida.

    The Buccaneers need to add some cornerback depth in this draft and I think Jenkins is the guy that will help do that. Ronde is getting up their in years, and even though it appears Buchanon and Wilson will be adequate, it certainly won't hurt adding Jenkins who presents great value and upside at #20. Kiffin in particular has publicly declared that he thinks Jenkins is a great prospect and the fact that he is from the area makes him all the more attractive.

    Round 2 - Donnie Avery, WR, Houston.

    The Bucs need some help at wide out and I don't think they will feel that the value is their at #20. Avery has the potential to be Joey G part II thanks to his explosiveness and agility. His value has sky rocketed lately and he would be an ideal selection in the 2nd round.

    Round 3 - Josh Johnson, QB, San Diego.

    Honestly, I don't want the Buccaneers to draft a QB, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Chucky won't be able to resist temptation. Despite me not liking Johnson, he certainly fits what we need in a QB. He is mobile, accurate and has a ton of potential. Drafting Johnson officially means the end of the Chris Simms experiment who will be cut or traded for something crappy.

    Round 4 - Demario Pressley, DT, North Carolina State.

    Chris Hovan is an adequate starter at nose tackle, but a project like Pressley gives us an extra option. I think that Haye and Peterson will make a strong duo at under tackle, but Ryan Sims is garbage. Hopefully Pressley can be worked into the rotation as a rookie, perhaps being able to take over in 09.

    Round 5 - Jeremy Zuttah, OL, Rutgers.

    Zuttah has been linked to the Buccaneers and in the 5th round he would present great value. As a 5th rounder he won't be expected to be a starter, but he can be the ultimate back-up offensive lineman. We need someone to back-up Faine and he could also play guard or tackle allowing us to keep 1 less lineman on the 53 man roster.

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    I'm not a big fan of the top 2 picks. I don't think we've shown we need elite CB talent to make this system work but, if you are using Scott's draft, there's a choice of CB's we might not need and WR's that aren't that good. I'd be really tempted by Stewart on value alone if Caddy is as bad off as reports said he'd be this is a guy who offers a nice upgrade over Graham and he does what the offense needs and catches the ball which Caddy can't do and makes him very sub-optimal for us.

    I've seen Avery play enough that I know his stats are badly misleading and that he's basically a 2 route guy - bubble screens and fly patterns - that got by with top end speed in CUSA where the CB's are not that fast.

    I think Josh Johnson is a really interesting guy at #3 and my reservation with QB isn't about the QB but about Gruden's patience with young QB's - but at some point you have to try and get a real QB and not scrounging around for the next lightening strikes moment of Rich Gannon II. Round 4 is a good place to find a guy to work as our NT where we don't need elite talent.

    Now that I've rained on your parade I'll throw out my draft and let you rip it up. I'll do a 3 round and assume Scott's draft is right so I'm picking vs his mock just to have some rules and his draft falls really badly for the Bucs I might add.

    I'm going to disallow the trade down which is really my preference into early R2 where I think the value gets much better and thus my first preference. I'm picking vs Scott's draft so only the guys still on his board are on mine to explain my picks.

    Round 1: As much as a I don't like 'em I'm going to take Sweed. He's been dinged a lot but as a WR he's the best of the lot. He's the right compliment to Galloway but he does give me shades of Mike Clayton willies.

    Round 2: I'm just flipping your order WR-CB: Tyvon Branch, he's got the size and willingness to support the run we like in our CB's.

    Round 3: I like Scott's pick of Pat Simms because he might be a good UT but he can at least add depth at NT even he's not quick enough.


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      1: Mike Jenkins, USF
      2: Jason Jones, DE, EMU
      3. Jerome Simpson, WR, Coastal Carolina
      4: Tashard Choice, RB, Georgia Tech
      5: Kerry Brown, OG, App State


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        OMGZ...twice I've tried to reply to this thread and pressed back, losing my post.

        I like T24L's mock. I mean other than the 2nd pick, which makes no sense because we already have 4 of that guy, and other than the 5th pick, because we're loaded with depth at the position. Caddy's first 2 picks are good, that's it.

        Here's what I think we'll do.

        1. Trevor Laws
        2. Andre Caldwell
        3. BPA CB: Branch, Terrell Thomas, Chevis Jackson
        4. Tashard Choice
        5. King Dunlap

        Here's what I would do:

        1. Brandon Flowers
        2. Dre Moore
        3. Lavelle Hawkins
        4. Tashard Choice
        5. Trade down, draft Paul Smith. Trade Simms and cut Grads.

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          If Reggie Smith was available in the second and we didn't take a DB in round one, would you guys want him? Rivals had us taking him in a subpar 4 round mock that had us taking Balmer, Smith, Kevin Smith and Andre Fluellen
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            I like Reggie Smith, I mean you can't go wrong with 3 guys that can play corner and safety. Versatility is good, and he would be our best punt returner.

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              What I think will happen

              1. Mike Jenkins
              2. Donnie Avery
              3. Pat Sims
              4. Tashard Choice


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                Originally posted by Chucky View Post
                What I think will happen

                1. Mike Jenkins
                2. Donnie Avery
                3. Pat Sims
                4. Tashard Choice
                All 4 of those might be gone by the time we pick, but I can definitely see that happening if they are available, and I'd be happy with that draft.

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