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    My explanations will be later

    1. Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas - C
    2. Dexter Jackson, WR, App. State - D+
    3. Jeremy Zuttah, OG, Trash Can State University - C-
    4. Dre Moore, UT, Maryland - A
    5. Josh Johnson, QB, USD - A-
    6. Geno Hayes, OLB, FSU - B-
    7. Cory Boyd, RB, USC - B+


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    Here's mine:

    1. Aqib Talib - There's really no explanation for this pick with so many other great players on the board. The remote possibility that he puts it all together keeps it from being an utter fail. D-

    2. Dexter Jackson - I seriously doubt he will go from being a solid FCS player to a receiver worthy of a 2nd round pick. Also appears to be a reach. I do, however, like the options we have on offense with a weapon like him so I will favor this pick more than I should and give Chucky the benefit of the doubt. C

    3. Jeremy Zuttah - This pick makes sense after looking over our draft. We get a strong, athletic interior lineman that can legitimately play all 5 positions. We have bigger needs than backup lineman but we addressed them later so I'm glad we got a good lineman instead. A-

    4. Dre Moore - No complaints here. Moore is a guy I'd target in the 2nd but motor issues dropped him a fair bit. That shouldn't be an issue for a while as he will only be a rotational guy to start off. I think he'll give our whole defense a boost with his size and quickness as a pass rusher. A+

    5. Josh Johnson - We trade down and get a guy with Day One talent that fits our offense perfectly. Johnson alone has the potential to make this an epic class. A+

    6. Geno Hayes - I wasn't expecting us to draft a LB but that extra 7th gave us that opportunity. Hayes should be an outstanding special teamer and right now he looks like our best bet to replace June at SLB some day. He's exactly the kind of athletic, hard-hitting, intense player we like and Brooks can help him develop. My only problem is that Wesley Woodyard was on the board and I like Woodyard a lot more. B+

    7. Cory Boyd - Underrated back, good scheme fit. I think Boyd can be a solid backup if he learns to run lower and use his power more effectively. In hindsight, we could've drafted a better back in the 6th and still got Woodyard here, so that drops this one a bit too. A-

    I'm really happy with this draft. The 1st 2 picks sucked but 5 of 7 is good and I'm amazed at how well we found scheme fits and steals later on in the draft. I give it a B overall.

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      Aqib Talib: Initially, I was extremely cautious about this pick. However after contemplating it further, I don't think it is as bad as some think. Talib is fast, big, and more physical than most give him credit for. Not to mention he is a play maker with good ball skills who has the potential to make regular interceptions. He'll be worked into the rotation early and act as insurance for Barber, Wilson and Buchanon whose futures in Tampa are all cloudy.

      Dexter Jackson: Will be brought along slowly with the hopes of becoming something like Joey Galloway. He is fast, agile and will upgrade our return game. I don't think he sees a ton of playing time as rookie, other than the odd trick play or slot play, but once Galloway hangs up the boots he will have a huge opportunity.

      Jeremy Zuttah: I had it in my last mock draft, albeit not in the 3rd round. The ultimate back-up offensive lineman who can sub in anywhere on the offensive line. A luxury to have on game day.

      Dre Moore: Amazing pick. Moore has plenty of question marks, but he has the tangibles to become a stud in Tampa. Will probably back up Hovan early but will be worked into the rotation and hopefully can start in 09.

      Josh Johnson: I'm not really an advocate of drafting a QB this year, but Josh Johnson in the 5th round is amazing. Like Mayock said, if you don't know who your QB of the future is, and there is a prospect you really love in the mid-late rounds, you have to take him.

      Geno Hayes: Not crazy about the pick, but he is young and has potential. Will probably have to battle Antoine Cash, Matt McCoy, Adam Hayward and Ryan Nece just to make the roster.

      Cory Boyd: Boyd is a fantastic pick in the 7th round. He is a great fit in our defense and could be the Pittman of the future thanks to his receiving skills. Better than Kenneth Darby from last year. I doubt him making the roster, but with Caddy's status still cloudy, it makes a lot of sense.

      Overall Grade: B+
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        fill'er in later as well
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          Yeah I will fill it in, in 3 years.


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              1. Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas - C
              Not so much a reach as a poor fit for what we wan our CB's to I'm still not sure the difference in pay from a R1 type CB and a R2 type CB is all that much in our scheme. Plus, the guy looks o be first rate moron.

              2. Dexter Jackson, WR, App. State - D
              Here's guy who wasn't dominant at D1AA in any phase of his game. That spread option attack he was in deflated his numbers but he was the third leading receiver on his own team. He's also not going to have a much of a feel for the passing game for the same reason.

              3. Jeremy Zuttah, OG, Trash Can State University - F
              I don't think backup G or C was really a top end need that required a 3rd rounder.

              4. Dre Moore, UT, Maryland - Best fit and seems to be a good value as part of a tackle rotation.

              5. Josh Johnson, QB, USD - B. People are enamored of him but he' a streaky QB with bad touch on short passes from a small school. People are saying QB of he future but that is likely overkill. He's got some nice upside from that is a long way away.

              6. Geno Hayes, OLB, FSU - C+
              Seems like a good fit but after we loaded up on LB's last year it seems like a bit of an odd pick. I'd like a WLB in waiting but in R6 they don't think thi guy is him.

              7. Cory Boyd, RB, USC - F
              An RB w/o breakaway speed? So he's Ernest Graham? This team needs some speed in the backfield and since Bennett i fast but lousy I expected any RB we took to be that guy. Plus, he's got character issues.


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                1. Aquib Talib (CB) - A bit of a departure from our usual safe drafting strategy. A sign of things to come in this draft? His skill set may not be prototypical for our defense, but he does have the ball skills to make a lot of plays. Having risk takers at CB is great in our defense since they should always have safety coverage over top. IMO he was the only player left with a 1st round grade that had truely special talent, thus making him a risk worth taking. If his attitutde adds personality to our defense and our team, without being detrimental, his interest and funfactor alone should be worth an "A". However, he does still require some grooming, and his character is still a concern. Grade - B

                2. Dexter Jackson (WR) - Not much was left at reciever that fit our needs here. It would have been nice if we traded up with Washington to jump Philly and grabe DeSean, however our squandering of late round picks limited our ammo. We made the best of a bad situation and traded down to recoup some late picks that would provide us manuevering ability later. I don't think Jackson will ever replace Galloway as an everydown WR, but he will provide some speed that is otherwise lacking in our offense. He should help raise our low standards for kick returners, but he is by no means a Hester. At best he may become a Welker or Dante Hall. Our search for Galloway's replacement is by no means over, but the Buccaneers didn't have a lot of options here. Grade - C+ (The trade down saved this from being a D-)

                3. Jeremy Zuttah (G/T/C?) - Picking backup oline is never sexy, but very necessary. Adding a quality/versitile one here and still getting our guys later makes this pick very solid. Grade - B

                4. Dre Moore (DT) - Our need at DT is undenyable. A great selection at this point of the draft who should see plenty of opportunity. I really liked our aggressiveness in moving up to get him. Our ability to do that was made possible by earlier dealings adding to the overall quality of our draft. Grade - A+

                5. Josh Johnson (QB) - Although he immediatly assumes the label of quarterback of the future, I'm not going to pencil him in as our starter in 3-4 years just yet... remember Shaun King and Joey Hamilton. That said, this is a great pick at this point of the draft. Whether he excells or sucks this was only a 5th round pick. I am just thankful we haven't been spending first day picks on questionable QBs. Grade - B+

                6. Geno Hayes (OLB) - We don't necessarily need an LB, but taking a flyer on a developmental prospect who may have starter potential is worthwhile here. He should be a practice squad player until he matures and develops since he is very young and inexperienced. As long as he works hard and stays out of trouble he could compete for Brooks' or June's job one day. Grade - B+

                7. Cory Boyd (RB) - Yet another risky pick with questionable character that may be boom or bust. Very solid value in the last round at a position of semi-need. Grade - B+

                Given the risky nature of our selections this year, this draft is tough to grade as a whole. Our second day was absolutly incredible and much preffered to our usual boring TE/OL/CBs with only backup potential that we select there. Our draft day manuevering was refreshing to see and renewed my faith in the way we have spent second day picks on players recently. Basically we have gained proven players at a cost of moving down only a few spots in the draft. Finally we seem to be manipulating the draft to our benefit. The potential of this draft mainly lies in Talib's performance, making the grading range anywhere from a C to an A. For now I will play it safe and rate it based on the grades I have given...

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                  1. Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas - C
                  2. Dexter Jackson, WR, App. State - D+
                  3. Jeremy Zuttah, OG, Trash Can State University - C
                  4. Dre Moore, UT, Maryland - A+
                  5. Josh Johnson, QB, USD - D
                  6. Geno Hayes, OLB, FSU - F
                  7. Cory Boyd, RB, USC - B+



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                    1. Aqib Talib - B+ this picked wowed me but i liked talib and hopefully he will be a playmaker

                    2. Dexter Jackson- D+ i threw up a little when we picked him in the SECOND! but he should help on st

                    3. Jeremy Zuttah - C at first i was what, but this pick grew on me and its a sold c

                    4. Dre Moore - A+ lol i wanted this guy in the first or second round and we get him in the 4th my fav pick in the draft

                    5. Josh Johnson - C i like josh johnson hes gonna be a project, i wonder whats gonna happen too chirs simms

                    6. Geno Hayes, - D i dont konw why we got a linebacker, but he should help too on st

                    7. Cory Boyd- idk anything about him so no grade for you


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                      1. Aquib Talib - I was shocked when this picked was announced. I was so glab Jenkins/Thomas were still around and was pretty sure one would be the pick. Was a little worried that Desean Jackson would be the pick instead, never thought of Talib. I don't hate it as much after thinking about it. I still dislike it alot, he's not a great fit nor is he elite talent. Consider his character concersn and it gets worse. Now I hate it again. D

                      2. Dexter Jackson - WR is a big need but this guy is a reach. At best he will be a slot receiver and likely not a great one. Will help on returning which helps boost it from a D to a C.

                      3. Jeremy Zuttah - A versitile backup is good to have, not exciting though. C

                      4. Dre Moore - Would have taken this guy over the previous 2. Great value pick. A

                      5. Josh Johnson - Great pick who could potentially be a good starter a couple years down the line. Its always a problem when you have an extremely old QB with no future QB developing on the roster. I don't see Grad or Simms ever becoming a good starter. Simms in this offense that is.

                      6. Geno Hayes - We have a lot of LB alright, sounds like he coulf be a good fit. B

                      7. Cory Boyd - From what I read he was projected to go earlier, seems like Graham. C

                      Bad first day, great second day. B-


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                        1. Aqib Talib, CB Kansas - B
                        I was as shocked, and upset, as anyone when this pick was made. I thought if we went CB, we would go with at least the best CB available in Mike Jenkins. What really surprised me though was passing on Devin Thomas, who I felt would have been a great fit and could wind up being the best WR from this class. But after thinking about it more and reading more about Talib, I think it was a decent pick. He's definitely a boom/bust prospect, but I think theres a greater possibility of being a boom. This is the best possible situation for Talib to be in. A zone scheme fits him best and will allow him to do what he does best and make plays. I truly feel that he will make all of us eat our words and he'll become our #1 CB for the next decade when Ronde retires. At least I hope so.

                        2. Dexter Jackson, WR Appalachian State- C
                        Our worst reach of the draft. What bothers me most is that we got him just a few picks after Desean Jackson and Malcom Kelly were taken. The value was horrible. That said, I think Jackson will hold down the slot for us for many years to come. He also adds a valuable dimension that this team has never had the luxury of having consistently, in his KR abilities. He's not the best KR in the draft, but I think he'll certainly stand out among what we've had in the past. Is a slot receiver / KR worth a 2nd round pick? Probably not. But besides the value, I think he'll make a substantial contribution to this team in one way or another.

                        3. Jeremy Zuttah, G Rutgers - B
                        This pick struck me as very odd at first. Why draft a G/C in the 3rd round when we have a great interior line set with young players in Sears/Faine/Joseph? I really like the kid, and he was good value, but I just didn't see the fit. But after thinking about it, I feel he will be a valuable asset to the team even if he's just a back-up for awhile. He has good potential, and will be able to step in and play for anybody on the line if someone gets injured. That'll come in very useful in most seasons. I just wish we could find somewhere for him to start.

                        4. Dre Moore, DT North Carolina State - A
                        This was our best pick in the entire draft. Hell, I would've liked this pick in the 2nd round. He fits our team great, and is one of the most explosive DTs in the draft. He adds great depth to our line, and you can't ask for much more out of a 4th round pick. I think he'll be our next Tanard Jackson if he gets the opportunities this season.

                        5. Josh Johnson, QB San Diego St. - A
                        My favorite pick of the entire draft. I've wanted him on the Bucs since I first heard about him. The fastest and most athletic QB in the entire class, but he isn't the typical Mike Vick style running QB. He was taught the right way by former NFL QB Jim Harbaugh. I think the coaching staff really likes this kid, and they'll give him a chance. Very accurate, even if it was against DII competition. He certainly has the potential be our QB of the future for us.

                        6. Geno Hayes, LB Florida St. - A
                        I think the only people that hate this pick are Gator fans. I can't understand why you would be so down on it. Scott had him rated as a 2nd-3rd rounder. On top of that, our defense will give the best opportunity to succeed with his talents. He's pretty much a poor man's Ernie Sims, and with the help of our coaching staff and Derrick Brooks, who I'm guessing is his idol being from the same college and wearing the same #, he may be able to become a poor man's Derrick Brooks. At least I say he'll be a solid back-up for us.

                        7. Cory Boyd, RB South Carolina - A
                        Another pick I loved. Scott had him as a mid-rounder and his sleeper pick at RB. I feel like he could've gone in the 5th. To get him in the 7th is great. He sounds like basically a slightly faster Earnest Grahm with upside, and only 22 years old. I actually think he might get a chance this season too. I wouldn't but too much confidence on a 33 y/o, someone just getting off a major surgery and still not sure if he's ready, and Bennett, that one's self explanatory. He also is a very good receiver out of the backfield, and that always adds to the value in our offense. He could become a mix of Grahm/Pittman and be our 2nd RB for the future.

                        Overall - B

                        In the future, this class has the potential to become an A or drop to a C, mostly depending on Talib. Right now, I'm leaning hard towards the A grade in the future.

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                          A successful Josh Johnson would make this class at least a B by itself. There's a good chance we get contributions from all 7 guys which means it should be a solid class. If Talib busts and Jackson is our #3 it can still be a very good class.

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                            Originally posted by etk View Post
                            A successful Josh Johnson would make this class at least a B by itself. There's a good chance we get contributions from all 7 guys which means it should be a solid class. If Talib busts and Jackson is our #3 it can still be a very good class.
                            If Josh Johnson is successful this will be a great draft. Unfortunately it will probably take at least 2 years of development before he is ready. I just hope that Gruden & Co don't rush his development.

                            Oh and nice sig statement thingy. I doubt some of them will even make the roster but it is nice that you are being optimistic about them.


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                              Originally posted by etk View Post
                              A successful Josh Johnson would make this class at least a B by itself. There's a good chance we get contributions from all 7 guys which means it should be a solid class. If Talib busts and Jackson is our #3 it can still be a very good class.
                              You get a franchise QB and any class gets an A. That goes w/o saying. Johnson is several years off and maybe they think that they can keep Garcia functoning long enough for Johnson to inherit the gig from him.



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