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If we get Haynesworth, do we go Nicks or Harvin (or someone else)?

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    I'd say nicks, but I'm not 100% sure we're targeting Haynesworth.


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      Originally posted by DeadEagle View Post
      Haynesworth is an absolute bum.

      First, he has only ever showed up on the football field for 3 seasons out of 10, including his time at the University of Tennessee. All 3 seasons he decided to play, where years in which Big Al was due to get a new contract. His junior year in college, he played to move his draft stock into the first round, and the last 2 seasons in which he was looking for a long term, big record breaking deal. That's cause for concern.

      Secondly, let's not forget the mental issues he has.

      At UT, when he got upset at a teammate at practice, Haynesworth left the field, found a spear, and started hunting down the teammate. If not for coaches stopping him, ALbert may just be Rae Carruth's roommate.

      Then with the Titans, there was the incident where he used OC Justin Hartwig's chest for field goal practice. AND the Andre Gurode stomping episode, where he nearly blinded the guy during a game.

      And now there's the issue that he may have violated his probation, and if he's charged could end up being suspended in 2009 by Roger Goodell.

      Third.... and most importantly..... is the fact that Albert Haynesworth has NEVER played a full 16 game season. EVER. If it's not the suspensions, it's the little nicks and bruises that keeps him out of the lineup. His tolerance for pain is nearly equivalent to that of an 8 year-old school girl.

      How any serious football fan would even consider this guy on their team, really should look into rooting for a different sport.
      You're very silly. Had he not had his leg rolled on by an Offensive Lineman he'd have been DPOY.


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        After reading more articles on how much more junior QBs have struggled compared to senoir Im really cooling on the idea of using a high pick on one. I didn't want Freeman before and definitly not now.

        Later round QBs often aren't given the opportunity to be a starter, unless their is a QB we really like we should pass and give Johnson or McCown the chance.

        If we get the Big Boy Harvin is a good pick. His injuries problems are a big concern, if he didn't have them I would be really surprised if he fell to us.
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