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  • A case for #88

    Hakeem Nicks is looking better everyday for me and I was hoping to get some of everyone's thoughts on the kid.

    SIZE/SPEED: All will be told after this weekend but from what I've seen in his highlights I'd go out and say he's faster than Crabtree but a stronger runner than Maclin, (and Harvin is a UF receiver). Not to mention the guy has wiggles, makes the first guy miss everytime.

    HANDS: to be honest I don't know much about his # of dropped balls, etc but he does have some of the biggest paws at the combine this year (for what that's worth)!

    HEAD: looks to be a guy who's confident not cocky, a leader and has stayed out of trouble.

    PRODUCTION: Our OC watched Hicks torch his team when NC played BC (150+ yds, 4 TDs) who had a pretty good defense last year. Nicks also had a career game against WV in the Car Care Bowl and thus appears to show up in the big games.

    OVERALL: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Nicks will be the best WR out of this years class. To me he's just the all around package and I'd be happy if the Bucs took him at #19.

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    sounds good to me

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