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    Some of you may be aware that we have been doing a draft over on the Mock Drafts forum with different guys assigned to pick for each team. After the person who was supposed to draft for the Bucs dropped out, I volunteered to take his place. I have just made the 7th round pick for the Bucs so I thought I'd post the results over here to see what you think:

    Round 1 (19) Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi - This pick was made by group vote. I took over starting with the third round pick.

    Round 3 (81) Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio State - I made this pick before the Bucs signed Crowell and before they announced they were moving Phillips to LB. I thought at the time he'd make a good third OLB to go with Hayes and Black. He's a good player to still be available this late.

    Round 4 (116) Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, Georgia - I was thinking the Bucs would be looking for another WR in this draft. There are a lot of decent but not spectacular middle round WR's available here of different styles and sizes. Not sure which would be the best one for the Bucs but I felt Massaquoi was a quality pick.

    Round 5 (147) Asher Allen, CB, Georgia - After Barber and Talib, I'm not sure how the rest of the CB's really shape up. I felt there was room for help there. Not sure how much longer Barber has anyway. Allen I feel is an underrated prospect. By the way, no I wasn't specifically looking for Georgia players, it was just a coincidence that I ended up picking two in a row.

    Round 6 (177) Augustus Parrish, OT, Kent State - Sixth round now just looking for best available at any position. Not really sure what the Bucs would be looking for in the late rounds. Looks like they could use some depth at OT and Parrish is a small school kid with good potential. Don't really know if he "fits the scheme" or anything like that, but he was the best available OT that I saw.

    Round 7 (200) DeAngelo Smith, DB, Cincinnati - Just looking for someone who should have been drafted by now, and I see a number of them. Smith is the best of what I see left out there. I thought about a QB, but I don't think the Bucs need one... at least not a late round type. Smith could be a nickel corner or backup safety.

    Well there you have it. Not sure if anyone is interested or if I came close to getting what the Bucs would need but I tried to think like they would. I don't know the team as well as you fans do for sure and was kind of flying by the seat of my pants here, so I hope I did ok. Just wanted to put it out there for you to dissect. Enjoy.
    2012 Patriots Anti-Draft

    1 - Anyone but Shea McClellin, Derek Wolfe, Peter Konz, Kendall Reyes, Harrison Smith, Whitney Mercilus or a RB

    2 Anyone but McClellin, Wolfe, Doug Martin or an OT

    3 Anyone but Wolfe


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    I'd be underwhelmed. Jerry and Freeman fit more of what we used to do in the Tampa 2.
    save Freeman


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      I'd be pretty happy with that. The only concern I have is drafting an OLB in the 3rd round when we really have zero depth at CB.


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        -We don't need a LB
        -We don't need 2 DBs
        -We need a DE

        When you got the positions right you chose the right players though.

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