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  • Who wants Cutler?

    What would you give up for him? We're obviously interested. From what I've heard, the Broncos want nothing less than two 1st round picks for him. Regardless of that, what's he worth to you?

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    On that same note, how do you guys think Campbell would fit in your system? Rumor in DC this morning is the Skins are looking to trade him with or without the Cutler deal. I've always liked Campbell and thought he had what it takes to do well in the NFL, hes just not a good fit in Zorns WCO.


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      My guess is that an NFL Draft message board will have the least support for giving up multiple picks for Cutler, but I am fully on board with trading the 19th pick, next year's 1st, and Luke McCown (or similar) for Cutler. If Cutler were in this year's draft he would likely be the #1 pick and a lock for top 5.

      Using the trade value chart for perspective:

      A pick next year usually takes one round off the value, so next year's 1st rounder would be worth no more than 580. The 19th pick is worth 875. Those two picks combined are worth approximately the #7 overall pick. Who wouldn't take Cutler with the 7th overall pick if he was in the draft? We can not pass on a 25 year old franchise QB. Cutler's overall record isn't great, but he does have these W/L splits:

      When Denver's defense gives up less than 30 points Cutler is 14 and 7.

      When Denver's defense gives up 30+ Cutler is 3 and 13

      No QB with Cutler's limited experience would have done any better with the garbage defense Denver has been putting on the field lately. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I fully support the Glazer's making a strong move to go out and get Cutler. If you're going to overpay for something, make it a franchise QB.


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        Our best chance for Cutler came and gone.


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          Well our chances of making a Drew Brees type of QB splash once again passes us by. I suppose it will continue to be mediocrity at QB for the foreseeable future. Considering the price however, I'm glad we didn't make the move. I like to enjoy my drafts and it's difficult to do without 1st round picks.

          The most I would have paid for Cutler would be a 1st this year, Cadillac, and 2nd next year.

          Do we still have Griese on the roster? God I hope not, but we do desperately need a veteran QB addition. I'm all for giving McCown and JJ a chance, but neither has the arm to take advantage of the run heavy offence we're looking to install. Freeman would be an excellent fit, if he's still available. Maybe someone like Losman or Grossman would be a reasonable stop gaps until next year. I despise both players, but they would add competition and depth this year, have some upside, and keep the spot warm for top 10 QB addition in the draft next year (surely we'll finish at the bottom of the league this season). A few defensive additions this season should prepare us perfectly for a young QB starter to flourish the season after. I believe our Front Office has a long term vision that looks beyond finding success this year.


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            I would have given Denver the same deal Chicago did, inserting McCown for Orton.

            If we don't draft Sanchez/Freeman I would bring Losman/Grossman to be McCown's backup.



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