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    Originally posted by Tampa 2 4 life View Post
    Yes, Leftwich has the tool of "not getting 20 balls batted at the line per game"
    Sort of, but that issue was largely due to the system Simms was playing in. If Leftwich played in a 3 step drop westcoast system that constantly passed the ball, he would have had 20+ balls batted at the line per game as well. The release is so slow linemen can see the ball coming a mile away. That goes for both Simms and Leftwich.

    Fortunately, Leftwich is coming to a different Tampa offense that should favor his QB style. And my argument was that Simms (who has a similar style to Leftwich) would have had a better chance to succeed in this new system and it sucks we got rid of him only one year early. However, I'm not actually saying Simms, or even Leftwich for that matter, would/will actually find success under Jagz offensive system. I'm too pessimistic about this season for that.


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      Originally posted by etk View Post
      Coaching staff: "We're looking to add 1 more QB"

      Give it up....Freeman sucks anyway.
      You are the last person here I thought would take every word the front office say for gospel.

      I admitted the odds are worse, which is pretty obvious. I was simply saying if the staff is high on someone (say Mark Sanchez) and he unexpectedly dropped (ala Aaron Rodgers) we may pick him.

      Certainly not out of the question mate.


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        Oh how I hope we trade our 1st for Brady Quinn.


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          Originally posted by Captain Fear View Post
          Josh Johnson was Gruden's project. The current staff have no loyalty to him and would probably rather bring in young players that fit the new scheme. While I hope he's the next Tom Brady, he'll probably be cut or traded by the end of the pre-season.

          The Leftwich signing pisses me off. Not because he's another mediocre addition at QB, but because I now wish we never got rid of Chris Simms. Both are similar QB's IMO (big arm, super long and slow release) and I would much rather cheer for Simms than Lefty. Oh well, I've already resigned to the fact that our QB position will be a write-off this season so I'm pretty indifferent.
          I think it was less the system and more Simms' ridiculous post-surgery ball release.

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