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Week 1: vs Dallas Cowboys

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  • Week 1: vs Dallas Cowboys

    Well, not pre-season as in the games, but just all the stuff going on before the season. Discuss all the mini-camps, training camps, news, roster/depth chart predictions and whatever else.

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    First up, the first day of rookie Mini Camp

    Morris impressed by Freeman's presence

    By ANWAR RICHARDSON | The Tampa Tribune

    Published: May 1, 2009

    TAMPA - Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris' enthusiasm about Josh Freeman has only increased since drafting him nearly one week ago.

    "He took control of the huddle," Morris said. "I don't believe he had one bad snap besides the guard tripping him earlier in the walkthrough.

    "Other than that, he got every snap. Delivered the football, controlled the huddle well. Made some nice throws. Did some things we liked today."

    Morris was also impressed by Freeman's size (6-foot-6, 250 pounds) and presence in the huddle during Tampa Bay's rookie mini-camp on Friday. The coach would not say if Freeman would start this season, but he did say he would only take four quarterbacks to training camp this season.

    Luke McCown, Josh Johnson, Byron Leftwich, Brian Griese and Freeman are currently under contract. When Morris was asked if he had spoken with Griese since drafting Freeman he said no. He did say Griese left a message for him earlier on Friday and Morris intended to return the call.

    Overall, Morris said every invited player had a chance to make this year's team and trumpeted the success of Clifton Smith as a motivational tool. Smith was an undrafted free agent invited to last year's mini-camp who not only made the team, but became a Pro Bowler.

    "All these guys here, they come in, you want to flood them with information," Morris said. "You want to give it to them. You want to see if they can take it out to the grass and then do it. The other part is you want to see conditioning, how guys last. You guys know it's hot down here in camp and you got to have bodies.

    "People are dropping out with bodies. We got a body count out there right now. You got to get the guys who have the best conditioning, guys who can pick it up, retain it, take it to the field and do it."

    Morris said he was impressed with receiver Sammie Stroughter, Tampa Bay's recent seventh round draft pick. His only criticism of Stroughter was he danced around too much after catching a pass, but Morris liked his potential.

    One subject Morris did not dance around was the possibility of linebacker Derrick Brooks rejoining the team. Brooks was cut shortly after Morris was hired, and although the linebacker has expressed interest in playing for Tampa Bay, it seems unlikely.

    "You never want to say no to anything. You don't want to be that way period, but we've made plans. We've moved on," Morris said. "We went out and got [Angelo] Crowell. We moved Jermaine Phillips to linebacker. We got Barrett Ruud playing mic [linebacker] for us. We have some guys in the stable like Quincy Black, Geno Hayes."

    "We went out and got Niko Koutouvides. We got Jamall Johnson. I don't want to miss anybody, but we got some guys stacked in a row who we're going to let compete first before we make any decisions as far as Derrick Brooks, or any other backer for that matter."

    New OLine coach, Pete Mangurian

    DeAngelo Willingham, one of the players I think will stick

    Roy Miller

    Kyle Moore

    Real happy to hear that Morris like Sammie too. I'm pretty high on the kid and I think he could be our starting slot sooner than later.
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      I've read that the Buccaneers are really high on Iowa's Rob Bruggeman so I wouldn't be shocked if he hung around long into the off season. He only started one year at C in Iowa, but to be honest, would anyone be surprised to see a guy like him displace Sean Mahan?


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        Originally posted by DJC View Post

        DeAngelo Willingham, one of the players I think will stick

        He is already a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster.

        :D :) :D


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          We picked up Ryan Purvis for the mini-camp to. Something that isn't surprising at all considering his ties with Jagodzinski.

          Anyone else think we might try some wildcat this year? I think we could since we picked up some guys like EJ Biggers and Rodney Landers recently. Biggers is a former QB and all-Dade county two way player back in high school and even attempted a few passes in college. Landers was a QB in college but projects to WR in the league. I'm probably just getting ahead of myself like I did last year when I was saying we might try Talib at WR some.

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            More from yesterday, including some Morris quotes -

            On who would optimally be the starting quarterback in September:
            "I'll answer that one like this: The starting quarterback thing, I'll let you guys know the third preseason game. I want these guys to compete. I mean, I've got Luke McCown, I've got Byron Leftwich, I've got Josh Johnson, I've got Josh Freeman and I've got Brian Griese still on staff right now. I need these guys to get in here and just compete, and I want to play the best one out of those five guys and go to work. Now, obviously I'm going to camp with just four but I want to play the best one out of those guys."
            Haha I love how he always mentions Griese last. I think we go into the season with one of Leftwich/McCown making the team and starting, Josh Freeman, and Josh Johnson.

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              We traded Alex Smith to the Pats for an undisclosed draft pick. What do you think we got for him?

              Maybe its conditional, but hopefully a 3rd/4th.


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                Originally posted by Captain Fear View Post
                We traded Alex Smith to the Pats for an undisclosed draft pick. What do you think we got for him?

                Maybe its conditional, but hopefully a 3rd/4th.
                From TBO
                Buc Got A Fifth-Round Pick For Smith
                Posted May 03, 2009 at 11:44 AM
                Updated May 03, 2009 at 11:46 AM

                By ROY CUMMINGS

                TAMPA – For those of you keeping score at home, it was a fifth-round pick in next year’s draft that the Bucs got back from the Patriots in the Alex Smith trade.

                Smith was deemed expendable after the Bucs traded for tight end Kellen Winslow and re-signed tight end Jerramy Stevens.

                The Bucs gave up a second-round pick in this year’s draft and a fifth next year for Winslow. They now have the fifth back.
                Exactly what I thought we'd get. Just wish we could've gotten like a 6th or even 7th for Griese, looks like we'll just cut him though.

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                  “This has been a long time coming for me and I’m not letting anybody take it from me. And it’s the first legitimate opportunity. Say what you want about getting three starts at the end of a season.

                  “But this is my first real opportunity to be the starter, to be the guy. And I look at it as mine and you’re going to have to shoot me.”

                  From Luke McCown.


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                    The Bucs revealed that FB Byron Storer suffered a "significant" setback in his recovery from a torn ACL.
                    It sounds like he may miss the season. "It's a major setback and he won't be back for a significant amount of time," coach Raheem Morris said. The Bucs have B.J. Askew and Jameel Cook. Earnest Graham can also lead block.
                    Not the greatest of news.


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                      Originally posted by Caddy View Post
                      Not the greatest of news.
                      I'm gutted for the guy, I love watching him fly around on ST's, prayers and thoughts.


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                        Originally posted by Merlin View Post
                        I'm gutted for the guy, I love watching him fly around on ST's, prayers and thoughts.
                        I was a fan of his too. Unfortunately it is looking more and more likely that he goes down the route other promising players have gone down. The Paris Warren's and Antoine Cash's of the world treat us in pre-season, then injure themselves halting all progress they had made.


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                          I'm a big fan of Storer's. Durability problems at the FB position is not good.

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                            we released storer :/

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                              Originally posted by BeansDooma View Post
                              we released storer :/
                              That sucks. I know he was small (220ish I believe), but he played a lot bigger than he was.

                              I hope we go out and find someone to compete with Jameel Cook for the back-up position. If Askew gets injured (almost a certainty unfortunately) we need someone to come in and not miss a beat so our running game stays strong.



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