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I would like to know, is it me

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  • I would like to know, is it me

    Or did Denver know what they were doing when they cut Jim Bates after one year... The D looks bad... big play after big play. No one can cover or stop the run for that matter. Forget getting after the passer, that's a joke by it self. Gains Adams looks like a bust or needs more help on the Dline, I used to think he needed more help but know thinking BUST. Back to Bates I just don't think his system works in todays pass happy NFL, Miami was great on D with him becuase there coners would just blow WR's up at the line. Can't do that stuff today in the nfl. His blitz package have no creativity at all. It's crazy to think how well of a job jon gruden and monte kiffin did last year with this team last year. If we keep playing like this we won't win five games. I myself would like to see Freeman next week. This season is done might as well try and get the kid some playing time.

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