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Worst DBs in the league?

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    fire josh freeman

    bonekrusher on the sig magic
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      If not Marty... I'll take Gilbride from the Gmen... I think we need to go back to a power running game, not this zone stuff! He made Eli a great Qb maybe he could do that with Freeman. About four or five years ago people would hate to play us, we've become a run of the mill team in the last four years. This needs to happen so we can get better. I knew this year we would be bad, but cine guys... This bad? Give or take it's the same team that won 18 game the last two years. We are going to drop 13 to 15 games this year. And that falls on the HC and his staff. Morris is a great guy but not an x's and o's guy and to top it off his staff aren't good at x's & o's. It's ok to make mistakes when running a football team. Good teams see there mistakes and act fast to fix them. Bad teams wait. This team could very well be 0-5 with Gurden or anybody else as the head man, it's the way we are doing it. We look like the teams that buc's fan used to make fun of for being so bad.


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        Barber and Mack both had awful games today... Will Allen as well. Hopefully we draft a CB in the 2nd rd this year.
        save Freeman


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          I think Bates has to go before Morris tbh. He has failed to make the neccesary changes and continues to leave CB's on an island(without getting pressure) even though they constantly get burned.



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