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Morris retained as coach

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  • Morris retained as coach

    Figured everyone had heard, so close this down if need be, but per Adam Schefter:

    "Confirming reports out of Tampa, Raheem Morris informed today that he will be retained as Buccaneers head coach for 2010"

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    The only coach on this team who needs to be relieved of his position is Greg Olson.


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      I don't love the decision, but it's hard to hate on it as well. I just hope we can bring someone in who can really mentor Josh Freeman. (Maybe that's why we kept Doug Williams around?)


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        Caddy, out of curiousity, which coach would you have chosen to replace Morris (from the pool of those available) and why?

        And, remember, Shanahan is basically a lock to go to Washington and sources are saying that Cowher isn't going to coach next year.


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          I don't want to see another coaching change unless it is Cowher or someone of that pedigree.. And that goes for Olsen as well, yea some of the playcalling has been questionable but everyone knows that the majority of the games we lost were because of the D... The QB carousel in the begining of the season and hiriing of Jags were huge mistakes that set the offense back half the season... Not to mention the schedule wasn't to kind, lol...
          We will play one of the weakest out of divison schedules coming up this year, more so than I can ever remember... NFC West Lions, Browns, Cheifs....
          Good draft and some quality FA pickups Raheem can turn this team around quickly..

          Josh Freeman by Kenbo Slice


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            Raheem has done alright with this defense after taking over. We still got gashed vs the run but we dont have great talent up front and Ruud was pathetic this year.

            I cant believe Olson will not be fired. He has been beyond terrible this year... although I guess much of that blame must fall on the overrated o-line (Joseph, Zuttah, Faine all stink at run blocking) and terrible WRs like Stovall and Clayton
            save Freeman


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              The only person I would be happy about replacing Raheem with is Jim Harbaugh.

              I would have said Shanahan before he went to the Skins because he knows offense in ways that Gruden could only have wished.. but even he's a bit overrated. Mike is pretty fantastic at drafting though, outside of Jarvis Moss.



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