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Grade last year's Buc Draft

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  • Grade last year's Buc Draft


    1 17(17) Josh Freeman QB Kansas State

    3 17(81) Roy Miller DT Texas

    Notable players drafted after Miller:

    Derrick Williams WR Penn St.
    Mike Wallace WR Mississippi
    Rashad Johnson S Alabama

    4 17(117) Kyle Moore DE USC

    Notable players drafted after Moore:

    Louis Murphy WR Florida
    Austin Collie WR BYU

    5 19(155) Xavier Fulton OT Illinois

    Notable players drafted after Fulton:

    Victor Harris CB Virginia Tech
    Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma
    Herman Johnson OG LSU
    Javon Ringer RB Mich State

    7 8(217) E.J. Biggers CB Western Michigan

    7 24(233) Sammie Stroughter WR Oregon State


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    Normally I'd say it takes a couple of years before we can accurately grade a draft, but what the heck...

    As it stands, I'd give this draft a B.

    Freeman is supposed to be the franchise QB and, while he's put on some striking displays of ineptitude this season, I'm still optimistic that he can be that guy. At the very least, this pick shows an attempt by the new administration to end the quarterback carousel we've had for the last decade.

    Roy Miller was a great pickup. He's played well with the limited opportunities he's had this season. I fully believe that he should be starting next season.

    The jury is still out on Kyle Moore. From what I've heard, he's looked really good in practice, but injuries have kept him from making it onto the field on Sundays. Personally, I think we missed with this pick when we passed on Murphy.

    Fulton hasn't cracked the starting lineup, but he wasn't expected to. He's was bought in as a rotational guy and a backup, but the fact that Demar Dotson was the go-to guy when Trueblood was benched earlier this season says a lot about where he is in terms of contributing to the team.

    Biggers has showed potential and I believe that Morris has been working personally with him. He's not going to be a starting CB, but could end up being a decent #3/4 guy, which is probably better than expected from a 7th round pick. We'd probably have seen more from him if he hadn't been placed on IR.

    As for Sammie Stroughter, I think what he's done speaks for itself. I think he's been the steal of the 2009 draft.


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      Yea it's hard to say after one year.... I'm going to say an A-, lol..

      Josh Freeman - really impressed with Josh, smart kid with a big arm, decision making and reading defenses (and lack of WR play) need to improve obviously but I fully expect that to get better with expierence...

      2nd round and this years 5th round pick for Kellen Winslow... Excellent move..

      Roy Miller - looks like he will be a starter for a long time...

      Kyle Moore - injured for the majority of the year, jury is still out..

      Xavier Fulton - insufficent data, adding depth to the Oline never hurts...

      EJ Biggers - injured, jury still out..

      Sammie Stroughter - definitely "the find" of the draft... Has the potential to develop into Steve Smith type of WR...

      The fact that we drafted a franchise QB (imo), got a pro bowl caliber TE for a 2nd round pick, a starting DT, and a nice little WR in the 7th,puts it into a great draft imo.. I really have full confidence in Dominick's skills to evaluate players..

      Josh Freeman by Kenbo Slice


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        Agree that 3-4 years would be better than grading a draft after year one, I was just bored. lol

        Also wanted to know if you gents thought we should have drafted someone different, like Louis Murphy or Duke Robinson.


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          Too soon to grade the 08 draft, but I'm optimistic about Freeman, Miller, and Stroughter so far.
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            Pretty sure that Fulton was put on IR, Legacy.. that's why we didn't see much of him! hah


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              Originally posted by TornadoRex View Post
              Pretty sure that Fulton was put on IR, Legacy.. that's why we didn't see much of him! hah
              You're right. I completely forgot about that.

              In any case, he's a guy we need to more time to evaluate.


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                I think we had a good draft. To be honest, this whole draft class hinges on Freeman. If he pans out, we get an A and if he busts we get a D.


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                  It's funny how Buc fans can't differentiate between decent WRs and great ones. Don't get me wrong, I like Stroughter and I thought he would go last season in round 4, but to compare him to Steve Smith is ridiculous!

                  Stroughter is a nice little receiver that might remind some of Davon Bess, Wes Welker, Chrebet, Hilliard, or somebody like that... he will never be a Steve Smith, he doesn't ahve the athletic ability of an elite player.

                  This reminds me of the Paris Warren lovers that were out there. We had soooo many Buc fans that honestly thought that Paris Warren was going to be a pro bowl WR based on what he did iin preseason against future fry cooks and ditch diggers.


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                    Bucs draft grade- INCOMPLETE!

                    THe good news is that all players are still with the team.

                    Freeman is coming along nicely and shows the poise, work ethic, and physical traits to possibly be a good one.

                    Roy Miller fit right in from day one. Just like the guys ahead of him, Miller got pushed around and provided little push in the passing game. Perhaps an offseason of conditioning will undo Bates's attempt to ruin him and he can come back lighter, faster, and stronger.

                    Kyle Moore was drafted to be a base DE in Bates' crappy D. He might be too slow to ever be more than a backup DT in the t-2.

                    Fulton got hurt but he looked to be a fluid pass blocker, hopefully he comes back and unseats Trueblood.

                    Biggers was brought in to play Man2man in Bates' horrible defensive scheme. He has the size and speed of a shutdown CB but he didn't play well in preseason. Perhaps with the emphasis put back on zone he can step up next season.

                    Stroughter should have never lasted until round 7, he was no worse than a 5th rounder in my book, but still, he produced when called on and even if he never played another down for the Bucs, he has to be considered a successful pick.



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