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    So I am reading an article on the Buc's and who some of their prospects our with their 1st pick... You got the usual suspects, Suh/McCoy/Berry/McClain/Morgan ect... But I am starting to see Dez Bryant's name pop up a lot. The Buc's wouldn't actually consider drafting Bryant with the 3rd overall pick would they? I mean there would probably be riots if the Buc's took a offensive player with the 3rd overall pick... lol Especially with a deep WR class this year.
    But Raheem was quoted as saying "his number one priority next year was number 5".... With the chance of resigning AB slim and FA up in the air what do you think the chances we take Bryant with the 3rd overall pick?
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    Josh Freeman by Kenbo Slice

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    Slim to none.


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      I'll be pissed if we select Dez Bryant at #3. I think he'll turn out to be a good receiver, but the defensive side of the ball needs a serious talent infusion.

      Hell, I'd be happier with Derrick Morgan or Brian Price at #3 than I would be with Dez Bryant.


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        I just jumped on the Dez Bryant Bandwagon if Suh and McCoy go 1/2... lol
        I think if we pick Bryant with the 3rd pick we can still get quality DE and DT in the 2nd round...

        Josh Freeman by Kenbo Slice


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          Lamarr Houston is a guy that should go in round 2 that I think would be AWESOME as an UT... Tyson Alualu might be pretty good too.

          I'd rather take DT Brian Price, who did far more in his first 3 years than either McCoy or Suh, at #3. He might turn out to be the better player anyways.



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