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Senior Bowl Game Thoughts/Observations

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  • Senior Bowl Game Thoughts/Observations

    After watching the senior bowl, I was looking to see which players would be a great fit for the Bucs and after reading an article on, a few of the players they were "really interested" in had very good games.

    So here are a couple of my observations:

    WR- Mardy Gillyard
    - Showed tremendous speed and deep threat capability getting behind the secondary for that 32 yd td catch and 43 yd reception. Had a really nice grab early in the game from Pike. Could be our deep threat weapon and get him early in round 2.

    WR- Denarrio Alexander
    - Horrible week in practice and could not get seperation in the game, and the corners weren't pressing him. Tampa was looking at him this week since they are looking for a redzone target. They should look elsewhere.

    DT- Jared Odrick
    - Fantastic player and was sometimes unblockable and was collapsing the pocket. If the bucs miss out on McCoy, he or Alluah( not sure the spelling, DT california) would be an excellent fit.

    DT- Tyson Alluah
    - Showed tremendous speed and was quick on the snap. Proved he could provide pressure up the middle and play UT in our tampa 2.

    DE Brandon Graham
    - GUy is an absolute monster and it sucks that we won't even have a shot at him now after this performance. He proved to me that he can be effective as a 4-3 end, too bad it wont be for tampa. ( although with that performance, Guys like Dunlap or everson Griffen may be there in round 2)

    OLB/ILB Sean Witherspoon
    - Was all over the field today and before the senior bowl, some had him slipping to mid 2nd- early 3rd round. That might not be the case anymore, however, could be there at our 1st 2nd rounder. OLB isnt a huge need, but if we lose Barret Ruud, I read somewhere that scouts say this kid can play in the middle in our defense, so keep that in mind.

    CB- Kyle Wilson
    - Made a statement to be the 2nd overal CB in this draft and probably earned him self a late 1st round grade, after some projected him in the early 3rd round. Has major shutdown CB potential.

    CB- Perrish Cox
    - Fits our system and had a solid week and game. Could be their in round 3.

    CB Devin McCourtney
    - Had a solid week and a pretty good game. He surrendered a few catches, but in practices and sometimes in the game, it seemed the QB wouldn't look to the side of the field this guy was playing, so that says something. Possible 3rd round option.

    SS Larry Assante
    - Remember how we got Tanard Jackson in the 4th round in 07? Well, I really like this guy and he reeally laid out McCluster. He can tackle and is a decent cover guy and reports have him running a 4.5 40 time, so he is fast. Might be the most underrated safety in this draft and i think we can get him in round 3/4. He is really flying under the radar.

    Dexter McCluster: WR/RB
    - I know some people came away impressed by his speed, but remember dexter jackson, yeah, im not too fond of taking a 5'8 165 lb rb/wr tweener who might be more suited for the KR game. He is too small and honestly, guys like desean, who was taller and a bit bigger and so much faster, dont come along very often. I would be dissapointed if they use a pick, anything higher than a 4th on him when we have pressing needs at DT, WR, CB, DE

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    Well I hadn't heard of Alex Carrington before the week of the Senior Bowl but i do now, was impressed... And maybe I'm a homer but Riley Cooper looked good, would love to see him as a Buc...

    Josh Freeman by Kenbo Slice


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      Lamarr Houston and Geno Atkins looked pretty good, as well. If we can't get Suh, McCoy, Price or Alualu, I'd be happy with either of them. In reality, though, it might be better to take two DTs. If we can get McCoy in the first and Alualu in the 2nd, our interior defensive line would be nasty. Heck, Alualu and either Atkins or Houston (I'd prefer Atkins) would be awesome.

      Random fact: "Alu" means "go" in Samoan, so Alualu's name literally means "Go-go."

      Jeremy Williams, the WR from Tulane, had a nice performance. If we can't get Golden Tate or Damian Williams, I wouldn't mind picking him up in the 3rd or 4th round, assuming he's still there. Gilyard looked pretty good, as well, but I'm still not sure if he can be a premier #1 receiver in the NFL. He'd be a solid #2 guy, though.

      LeGarrete Blount and Stafon Johnson impressed me, as well. I was against selecting Blount before the Senior Bowl, but I wouldn't mind seeing him in pewter and red if we can get him in the 5th round or later.



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