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  • Glazers

    Why is it that all I ever seem to read about them, is that they are turning into to cheap ass owners? Only concerned with Man U nowadays? And that they are losing tons of money on both franchises?

    Is any of this true?

    Would it be that far fetched that they ask to trade down out of the top 10, with the main reason to save money on a #3 slotted contract? Would that be so bad if they did? Seeing as how we do seem to need an infusion of talent and youth on our team and this one draft will not fix all of our problems.

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    It's really simple: Malcolm Glazer was a guy who built himself up and purchased the team with his own hard-earned money. He understood the value of hard work and was genuinely interested in putting a winning product on the field.

    His sons, who control the team now, grew up getting everything handed to them and have none of their father's drive to succeed. They care only about making a buck and milking what their father built for them.

    And I'll say this: If Suh or McCoy are available at #3 and the Bucs trade down, it'll be because the Glazer boys don't want to spend money. If that happens, I will quit rooting for this team until they are no longer the owners. I love the Bucs, but I will not support them if the owners prove they have no desire to put a quality product on the field.


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      thanks for that Legacy.



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