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  • Tie-Breakers

    Ok, so I am up late at night and wanted to get some input on what everyone's tie-breakers are for individual positions.

    For example:

    If there are to equally rated DTs availabe to us at #3, what would be your tie-breaker(s) to decide which one to draft if you were GM?

    Let's say DT (A) is from a big school and played in a very good conference.

    DT (B) is from a small school and played against weak competition.

    DT A is a true junior and is 21.

    DT B is a redshirt senior and is going to be 24 before fall camp.

    A is 6'6 and 300.

    B is 6'0 and 330.

    A had modest numbers his junior year.

    B had a PS3 numbers his RS senior year.

    You get the picture.....What are your tie-breakers? Not just for DT but for any and all postions? Are they all the same? Do they differ based on position?

    I think we can all assume that no one wants to invest in a kid who has tons of off-field problems, long injury history and barely scraped by the Wonderlic.

    For me, I would like a kid, regardless of position, to:

    Have been a leader on his team.

    Started at least 2 years.

    High motor.

    I think that ht/wt are important, but I kind of like how the Bucs used to draft kids that were productive at their postions vice a kid that looks the part but didn't really produce.

    You have to be a hitter/physical player that loves contact. (more so on the line and defense obviously)

    Speed is also very important to me.

    Also wanted to throw in that I like kids that have played several different postions in college.

    Lastly, I really got into football when Jimmy Johnson was the HBC at Dallas and it seemed to me that he always drafted well. His defenses were always a little light but very fast.

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    The list of tiebreakers is really just way too long to list.

    College production does matter, but it's not the only thing that matters. If it were, Tim Tebow would be the first overall pick. The mechanics a player displays usually gives insights into how knowledgeable he is about the position he plays.

    Look at it this way:

    - DT-A stats are decent, but he displays a wide range of pass rushing moves.

    - DT-B stats put NCAA/Madden glitchers to shame, but he uses the same move over and over to beat opposing linemen.

    In this case, I'd say that DT-A is the better prospect, since he displays a range of moves that help him change up his game. While he's probably not a perfect prospect, his knowledge of the positions makes his mechanics easier to refine. Coaches can help him with his technique, rather than having to basically teach him the position from the ground up like they would DT-B. In this case, who they play against doesn't even matter, since DT-B won't be able to beat NFL linemen consistently with just a single pass-rushing move.

    There are still many more factors, but if you're looking just from on-field performance, what I posted is probably the most important thing you want to look for.


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      Thanks again, Legacy. Really 'preciate your insight.


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        Brian Price is the true junior, he is 21. Suh is the 5th year senior and will be quite a bit older therefore he has had far longer to get stronger and more experience.

        I trade down into the middle of round 1 and take Brian Price and the late 1st or multiple picks that come with it. Price is the better long-term investment, Suh is the hyped Suh-perstar. We're better in the long run on the field and financially with Price.



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