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So now that the Combine is over...

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  • So now that the Combine is over...

    Did your view of anyone change? Which players are you liking for our Bucs?

    I think that Suh and McCoy showed they were the best two players in this draft. Berry showed today that he's the best DB and most likely the third best player in the draft. Jpp did have a good combine but didn't blow it up like people were thinking. Joe Haden didn't take himself out of the top ten but did take him out of the top five for us. Morgan came in a little under weight but look good.

    The one player we didn't see that we could think of taking at 3 is Dez Bryant.

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    Honestly, I can now see why some here were high on Morgan. Kid impressed me.

    JPP, looked good, too.

    Suh out benched McCoy, by alot.

    Washington impressed me, but I would say that Witherspoon is still ahead of him. I would say my LB board would look like this:


    Was dissapointed in Haden's 40, but his tape is still good, IMO. I personally think that Joe should have been training for the draft at some place in Florida or Arizona, etc... anywhere but with his dad. Just shows me that he is very loyal to his dad's career, but on the same note it may have cost him some money doing that for his pops.

    I DVR'd all the combine shows for the week and will be watching them for the next couple of weeks, am pretty sure I will see new things each time.

    Carlos Dunlap dissapointed, too. But it goes to show that some of the guys here were correct when they disagreed with me suggesting that he would blow up the combine and he ended up doing a very small amoint of reps for a DE. Really wish he would have trained hard for this and performed better.

    I am still riding shotgun on the Suh Band Wagon. Hope to get a LB in the 2nd round if one of those 5 I previously mentioned are there.

    I think we can get a nice WR and CB with our 2b and 3rd rounder. possibly DE with 4th.


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      I want Suh, McCoy or Berry. Give me one of those three and I'll be happy.


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        Nice sig, Caddy! Who did that for you?


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          I don't remember who it was. Some guy in the NFL Draft forum has done a few so I decided to use one of them as my sig. I thought it was pretty sweet.!


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            I think that now its over... If McCoy and Suh are gone it has to be Eric Berry we take at 3. Maybe a little reach would be Morgen.


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              I'm not interested in McCoy anymore. He was supposed to be sooo explosive but he looked ordinary. Sapp and Tommie Harris both ran in the 4.7's, McCoy couldn't breakk 5.0, don't think it matters? Check the facts, all great UTs (Randle, too) have been exceptional athletes and Gerald McCoy isn't exceptionally athletic. He also seems to be missing a bit in the dedication department as 23 reps of 225 suggests he is a bit of a stranger to the weightroom.

              If we got Suh I would be fine with that, he would be more of a power UT, he's got great instincts and the best tape of anyone in the country. After him.... I was a big fan of Brian Price, he too wasn't very athletic... most disturbing was the lack of mass on his spindly little legs. If we strike out on Suh I would like to see us go with Lamar Houston in round 2.

              Houston was very under the radar all year in the Big12 but he has the absolute best bowl game of any DT in the country. He had a good year but McCoy and Suh got all the pub. Then he went to the Senior Bowl and did well and then blew up the combine. Weighing over 300 he ran 4.85 and put up 30+ reps and looked good in drills. His numbers on the field when compared to McCoy's are even a little he's played DT for only 2 seasons.

              I'm glad Berry measured in way bigger than I expected, now if we draft him I won't be ticked off for the next two years like I was when we drafted Gaines... or Clayton... or Cadillac... or a freaking OG (Joseph).

              Another DT that really shone was Geno Atkins. He was unblockable in the Senior Bowl and was a monster at the combine running at 4.75 at 296 lbs and putting up 30+ on the bench... he could be a 3rd round possibility.

              Also, Jacoby Ford IS officially faster than DeSean Jackson, plus he outweighs him by nearly 20 lbs. I wouldn't be opposed at all to us using one of our 2nds on Ford and hope that he can use his speed to open up some space for Winslow and our gaggle of WR Bums.



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