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Reason why we aren;t going out over-spending in Free Agency...

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  • Reason why we aren;t going out over-spending in Free Agency...

    I have been reading in a lot of forums on other sites calling the Bucs cheap and the Front Office, Mark Dominik and Owners for being lazy and stupid for not pursuing the top FA's.

    I am a fan of them staying put and not overspending for Free Agents like DUnta Robinson, Julius Peppers, Karlos Dansby, trading for Anquan Boldin and signing him, Nate Burleson. 1st of all, a guy like Peppers, who just got 91 million of 6 years and he was called out by Beason for his work ethic? Guy ain't worth that money. He isn';t even in the top 5 pass rushers in the league anymore and has been inconsistant. Burleson has done nothing and got 5 year 25 mil , 11 mil guranteed. WHAT HAS HE DONE? He's a 3WR/SLot guy. He's a solid WR, but not worth that cash. I read on's TB BUCS forum having fans PO'd about not getting Boldin for a 3rd round pick. Sure, that seems like a nice deal, but he's 30 years old and is injury prone. Not to mention, he would require a new deal. Not Worth it.

    Anyways, the true point I'm getting to is the Bucs are saving some of that money to lock up their own key players to long term deals. Guys like Tanard Jackson, Davin Joseph, and Barrett Ruud have terminating contracts next winter. Geno Hayes' contract expires next year also and even though he'll be a RFA, he still has shown promise and upside.

    They key here is we need to take care of our own players who we value as our key players. Bucs fan's want to spend spend spend in FA, but they'd be even more PO;d if they spend that money, but can't resign their own key guys in the future. Also, don't forget the Bucs own a top 3 pick, so a large salary will be required for and hopefully one of the DT's or Eric Berry.

    The thing is, the Bucs will focus on resigning their own key players, make a couple bargain moves in FA(Aaron Kampman will come cheap and I think he's their only key addition) to provide depth, and make an impact in the draft.

    Look at teams like the 05 and 08 Steelers and the 07 Giants, they built that team strictly through the draft with a couple minor FA additions. It takes time and I think that this Buccaneers team, which consisted of very young and talented players who haven't played with one another. They need time to gel and this team showed competivness and promise in the last 9 games of the season. (note, Freeman was the starter those 9 games and RAH took over the DEFENSE against ATL) I'm not saying super bowl or playoffs next year, but this team will improve and win 7-9 games. WHo knows, maybe they can surprise us with a playoff birth, but I have total confidence and support what the Front Office and Staff are doing.


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