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Can someone please explain to me why Holmes was traded for a 5th round pick?

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  • Can someone please explain to me why Holmes was traded for a 5th round pick?

    I honestly don't get it and when i saw the breaking news on NFLNetwork, I was ticked like you wouldn't believe, especially since the Jets got him. The Jets are surrounding their 2009 1st round qb with weapons.

    Now listen, I have been a huge supporter of this rebuilding process, but when a guy like Santonio Holmes is available for a 5th round pick, Mark Dominik you have to pull the trigger and strike a deal. I mean come on, we are lacking WR's desperately and a guy who caught 79 balls for 1300-1400 yds is available for a 5th round pick? A little dissapointed.

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    I don't know the dealings regarding the Steelers contacting Dom etc, but from the Steelers stand point, I guess they figured one idiot on the team is enough, especially when it's your QB...

    As for the Jets, what a great deal, low cost, high reward, it's a win, win!!!


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      I guess the big problem with Holmes is the substance abuse issue. If he can't play and is so close to a 12-month suspension, maybe Tampa didn't think the risk was worth it.


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        Also the fact that players in his own locker room are happy to see him go... And that he's going to want a lot of money. Also how can you depend on your number one wideout when he says over the net that he's wake n baking. I don't care that smokes pot but the NFL does. Guy's just dumb and doesn't care about anyone but himself.


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          5th round pick would have been worth it, IMO. Even if he is only available for 12 games.



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            Ginn can be had... I would give up a 7th for him. Add some speed to our team.
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              I have been complaining for 4-5 years about how little the BUcs spend, and how they dont get good deals done that other teams do. I get why they would pass on Holmes though, and at the same time I think its insane that Pitt would give him away like that


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                This is in the TB Bucs forum for what reason..
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                Coples is that dude.
                Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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                  Welp, i understand why he was dealt. Failed/didnt show up for a drug test, shows irresponsibility on his part and honestly, hes what a 5 year player, he should learn by now.

                  Tedd Ginn is the faster version of Clayton. Can't catch the damnn ball. Only good for kick off and punt returns and we got peanut and Stroughter to do those.


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                    Why didn't we get Holmes? Because he is in the last year of his contract and we won't likely re-sign him. It's a one year rental for a player that will miss 4 games minimum, he could easily get more with his next idiotic screw-up... he could miss the whole year, you never know. If I'm the Jets, it's a good move, they think they are a WR away from being a dynamic offense and think they can contend for the SB this year... good move for them, terrible move for a young rebuilding team.



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