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  • Bucs Mock 4-7

    Before we hit the ground running and after we've already seen what we have done with our first picks, where do you think we go tomorrow?

    DE would be nice...

    Everson Griffen was and has been top-rated guy here for a while... but I have a feeling he's poison, every team is avoiding him for some reason that has more to do with his motor and distaste for playing the run... still

    I'm looking at
    DE Griffen/ or Lindsey Witten a 6'4 250 guy with 4.7 speed and a great get off


    WR Mardy Gilyard/Jacoby Ford/Marcus Easley/Carlton Mitchell-It'd be nice to get a guy that can stretch the field. Gilyard isn't a burner but he's quick and at one point held a 2nd round value. Ford COULD be a DeSean Jackson type deep threat... or not.

    OT Bruce Campbell is also a possibility-he could flip to RT and possibly be better than he was at LT... he's still gotta be better than Trueblood.

    #5--- would've liked to have had the 5th!

    how hard would it be to find a quality WR or DE here? Probably pretty hard...

    S Robert Johnson-productive, instinctive, slightly limited physically-the anti-Taylor Mays

    DE Brandon Sharpe-super productive in one year as starter, tested better than expected.

    OG Brandon Carter-you can't go wrong with a couple of Brandons, this one's a mauler that could play RT

    P Zoltan Mesko-great punter

    LB Matt Mayberry-T-2 speed, size and production-looks like a core STer

    WR Kelton Tindal-perhaps he stretches the field, assuming he makes the team and can actually get on it.

    I wouldn't mind if Syd'Quan Thompson or

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