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    Roy Miller is from Texas!


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      Originally posted by Caddy View Post
      Roy Miller is from Texas!


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        Overall, I give us a B+

        1) DT McCoy-will hopefully live up to the hype and press and be as disruptive as we are led to believe he will be... because of pick #2, his shot of success went WAY WAY UP. A-

        2s) DT B. Price-I had a mancrush on Price for a while but when he turned up at the combine with a thinner lower body and a little slower than I expected, I focused my attention more towards Lamarr Houston. But still, this kid just turned 21 in the past couple of weeks and is probably the youngest DT in the game... he'll also have some serious upside, too. Unknowledgeable Buc fans wonder why we took a 3-tech to come play NT for us... Duh, the Bucs don't play NT the typical way, they play their NT in 1-tech over the OC almost the exact same way the 3-tech lines up over the OG. McFarland was brought into eventually replace Sapp but in the meantime to play NT, it worked OK for us even though Booger never did become a premier 3-tech. Still, with Price AND McCoy manning the middle, with Miller backing them up, this DT rotation should be disruptive and set for years. A

        2b) The thing I didn't like about this pick was that in my own mocks, I had Benn going to the Bucs at 2a and I had Price AND Houston still being on the board at 2b. As it turns out, the next DT taken after Price were the Raiders drafting from our spot at our original 2b. I'm pretty sure Price would have been there at 2b had we drafted Benn at 2a AND we would have kept our 5th round pick. Anyway, Benn should be at the very least, a very good #2 WR in the NFL. He's fast enough, strong, athletic, and big. Everything Hands of Clayton was supposed to be. B (because we gave up a 5th in addition)

        3) I really wanted Chris Cook of UVa to be here in round 3, but as quickly as the CBs came off the board I just knew he would be gone in the early 2nd... what we got was a guy I might like even more than Cook. Lewis is about the same size, just as athletic, and has the same thing going for him that I liked about Cook. Cook went to UVa and UVa has a great rep for putting super smart players into the NFL... and so does Vandy... the big difference here is that Cook wasn't all that smart (or dedicated) and was booted for academics two seasons ago, Lewis is actually pretty smart and should turn out even better than Cook, awesome pick. And we all know, great CBs in the T-2 can be found in round 3 (Abraham, Barber, D. Smith) and Lewis should extend that list. A+

        4) WR Mike Williams-I had told most that would listen that with his rap sheet he wouldn't go in round 2 like they had suggested, and that he would go in round 5 or 6 if he were lucky. I theorize that we picked him in round 4, he still would have been there in round 5, if we hadn't traded away our 5th. Still, problems or no problems, this is great value. In the 4th round, we are usually looking at a player with some serious questions: speed, strength, intelligence, something... this guy has everything except a history of good character. The Bucs say they investigated Williams more than any other player in the draft... and they are more than confident in his character and that is enough for me, I never met the guy but I know he can play. A

        6) I have a feeling that Zoltan Mesko was their preferred punter, I had us picking him in round 7, so when Mesko went off the board they felt compelled to take their #2 guy ASAP. If Bowden is their guy, and he comes from a great ST school, I'm fine with that... just not in the 6th. B-

        7) S Cody Grimm-great special teamer, good playmaker with limited athletic ability. He's athletic enough to perhaps start at SS in the NFL someday, he will make the team and be a leader on ST. Good pick up in round 7, a guy that WILL make the team and help the team. A

        7) LB Dekoda Watson-I honestly had him rated as a 4th rounder. With his speed and athleticism I figured he would be taken by the Titan, Raiders, or Lions... but they didn't bite and what we get is a protype T-2 LB that will be a terror on ST. He lost 14 lbs down to 226 at his Pro Day and ran mid 4.4s... The Bucs will tell him to keep the weight off and seek to train him at all 3 LB positions while he shows off his speed on ST. Great pick. A+

        7) I watched a ton of Stanford games this past season to watch QB Andrew Luck play.. Gerhart too, but mostly Luck. Lorig showed a good motor for Stanford as a two-gap DE but he really didn't stand out much as did few of the Cardinal defenders (I do like their LCB). He has good size and because he was hurt he didn't really work out, so I ignored him in the offseason, which only made sense that we would draft one of the few guys I did the least research on. Anyways, with DE Lindsey Witten, DE Brandon Sharpe, and DE Jeffrey Fitzgerald all still on the board, I was a bit disappointed with Lorig. C-

        UDFAs QB Jevan Snead will beat out Rudy Carpenter and hopefully rebuild his stock. Perhaps in a few seasons we can pull a Whitehurst and get something for him. K Hunter Lawrence has a decent shot of unseating Connor Barth. Other than them, OT Derek Hardman and TE Jeron Mastrud are really the only guys I see with any chance of making the roster.


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          So it's super late and I was looking over the draft.....again! Just for the hell of it, I thought I would second guess our late round selections. I am pretty happy how it eventually turned out, but seeing as we didn't select a hyped DE or OL, I thought I would look back and see what you guys thought on some of the kids we could've gotten. (Bowden and Grimm still leave me scratching my head for some reason)

          So here goes nothing....

          In the 4th round we could have (instead of drafting Mike Williams):

          selected DE Everson Griffen if we traded up one spot. (not sure how realistic that could've been)

          selected OT Bruce Campbell

          selected DE Corey Wootton (I know he hade some questions about injuries)

          In the 5th round we could have had (had we not traded our 5th round pick):

          selected DE Ricky Sapp

          In the 6th round we could have (instead of drafting a punter):

          selected DE Greg Hardy (again, I know he has questions about his injuries)

          selected OT Sam Young

          In the 7th and final round we could have:

          selected Dekoda Watson with our first pick


          selected DE George Selvie with our second pick


          selected DB Donovan Warren with our last pick


          OL Brandon Carter

          In my opinion, our best case scenario would have been to stick with Mike Williams in the 4th, select Hardy in the 6th, then finish the 7th round with Watson, Selvie and Carter. Pretty sure we could live with out Bowden, Grimm, and Lorig with what was still there.

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          "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM


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            Originally posted by bullg8rdaddy View Post

            In the 6th round we could have (instead of drafting a punter):

            selected DE Greg Hardy (again, I know he has questions about his injuries)

            selected OT Sam Young

            we had to get a punter. he was the only draftable Punter available (comment from Marc Dominick).
            field position ist so important.

            if we did not draft a Punter, our punter situation would be like last years. bouncing between some medicore punters


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              "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM


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                I'm pretty happy with our late round picks.

                The more I think about it, the more I like the Grimm pick. I think he'll have his shot at the starting job sometime in the next two years. His football insticts are some of the best in the class and he's good tackler. He's basically the anti-Sabby.

                If Bowden can be our starter for the next decade than that's a great pick. I've read some reports on him and he seems like he's pretty good at downing the ball inside the 20.

                Watson I've been a fan of for a minute. I had a feeling with Geno when we drafted him that he'd be a very good starter one day, and I get the same type of feeling with Watson. Even if he just sticks around for 6-8 years as a backup WILL/SAM it's a great pick for a 7th rounder.

                Not sure about Lorig, don't know much about him. He supposedly has an amazing motor though so I won't count him out. He's a former TE so there has to be some decent athletism there.

                I think George Johnson sticks around as an UDFA and sees some time as a situational pass rusher. It'll be interesting to see if Preston can stick on as a slot receiver. One of Sergio Render, Derek Hardman, Lee Grimes, or James Williams will make the team. Dennis Rogan will probably stick on the PS and be Raheems new Elbert Mack.

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                  To be fair does it really matter what position the player plays when you make a 6th round or later pick? If you can get a player there who can contribute in some way then you have done the right thing.



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