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How will we do this year?

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    Maybe 6 wins. The team is really young, and that is going to hurt, especially at WR. There is potential there, and we may have reason to be optimistic going into the 2011 season. Especially if the young guys start performing at a high level.
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      7/8 wins. I think we win some that we are not suppose to and lose some we are suppose to win. Everyone looks at the schedule and starts marking down wins. And then you end up beating the Saints and Packers and losing to the Bills... lol..
      @flyingelvis - not just Arizona might be bad in that divison the whole NFC West is a roll of the dice - no proven QBs in that divison(I'm Not counting Hasselback, he's on the down slope, lol). While I would say maybe the 49ers and Cardinals look better on paper I would not count us out one second.

      And it's funny about the Oline talk, our oline was built for a Power Rush game. Hopefully Freeman can keep the Defense honest and our Defense can keep the score close or the running game will suffer. Plus give Huggins Ward's carries please!!!!

      As for the WRs, Williams will probably be going into TC as the number 1 and then you have Sammie/Stoval/Benn/Brown. Nunn has looked good in OTAs but he won't see much time. Havn't heard jack about Clayton, whoo hoo!

      I think Sean Jones will have a huge impact on the D. He will be the starter with Sabby playing in certain situations which will relieve some of the pressure for him.

      Lot of question marks but I think we have about 7/8 wins with this schedule..
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        My eightball said most definitely we will do good.



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