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Mike Williams Signs 4yr Deal

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  • Mike Williams Signs 4yr Deal

    Can be worth as much as $3.15mil if all incentives and escalators are met.
    Favorite to start at Split End.

    Let's hope he outplays the **** out of that deal soon.

    1 down, 8 to go.

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    For someone reason when I first saw the title I thought of the former Matt Millen bust. I was thinking WTF.

    As for this Mike Williams, 4th round picks don't make very much money at all.


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      good to get this kid signed early. I seriously am starting to question some of these "draft experts" and "scouts" talking about this kid's attitude and off-field concerns. Every interview and video I see of Mike Williams seems like he doesn't sound like a diva WR and seems to have a good head on his shoulder. He seems commited and doesn't come off as a guy who gets into trouble and is looking forward to playing this season.

      This kid is gonna be a steal, in my opinion.



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