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Some key notes on Training Camp Progress:

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  • Some key notes on Training Camp Progress:

    From the information I have gathered from fans on other boards who watched training camp practices so far and TBO and TB on Twitter:

    on Defense:
    - Brian Price has been our best D-lineman and has been causing havoc.
    - Gerald McCoy has shown that great motor and has gotten the better part of Vincent in 1 on 1s.
    - Our lb's are doing an excellent job in the run and pass defense, blowing up plays. Black is doing a tremendous job in pass rushing/blitz packages.

    - Seems like Styles White is having a lot of trouble against the run and getting pressure. Supposedly today he showed some improvement, but could be the fact he's going up against a much better physical shape and stronger donald penn.
    - Kyle Moore has flashed some great pass rush moves and has a great motor, but reports are he's been very inconsistant.

    - Kareem Huggins seems to be blowing up camp. Showing explosiveness and speed. Seemed to pack on some extra pounds of muscle and good reciever out of the backfield.
    - Once again, Clayton is having a great camp, but we heard this before.
    - Mike Williams is the most explosive WR so far. Showed excellent hands and no fear to go up for the ball. Currently is our #1 WR as of Sunday night's latest depth chart.
    - Arrellious Benn has been the best route runner and is very physical. Going over the middle for tough grabs and getting seperation on a consistant basis.
    - Stroughter seems to be a natural fit at the slot.
    - O-line (Penn) doing a great job of protecting the qb and getting up field for blocks in the run game.

    - Zuttah is not going to be a starter at LG. He was constantly getting owned by Roy miller, Brian Price, Gerald McCoy, and apparently Dre Moore.
    - Reggie Brown seems to have caught Clayton Hands. Have dropped some easy balls and I read a report that he doesn't even look like he belongs on an NFL roster. Harsh.
    - 2nd team interior o-line is getting own. Our depth is a tremendous concern if Faine/Vincent/ or Joseph ever miss any time.

    Now, I save some separate reports on Josh Freeman, which concerns me a little, but he is only 22 years old.

    - Has showed off that tremendous arm strength by fitting balls into tight windows. Hit stroughter in between two defenders.
    - Has done an excellent job in the red zone drills, not turning the ball over and making some nice td throws with bootlegs.
    - Has shown excellent pocket presence and hitting is 2nd and 3rd reads when plays break down.
    - Haven't heard anything about a lot of turnovers. Has had passes intercepted, but not many mistakes.

    - Seems to be really inconsistant, which has been for the rest of the QB's. One play he makes an excellent throw. Next, not so good. Seems like he's throwing off his back foot every now and then and not driving the ball by stepping through his throws. That caused a lot of INT's last year.

    - Has had some accuracy issues throwing behind his receivers and overthrowing them from time to time. Could be some timing issues and miscommunication due to he's working with new WR's.

    - on, he reported that Freeman seems to be staring down his receivers too much. He's been looking at the first read way too often and that has lead to a numerous amount of batted balls and int's. That is something he needs to work on.

    Looking forward to your comments and if u have anymore info, please respond.

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    I was just about to sign in and ask for this kind of write-up.


    I have to spread around rep though.

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      Report on Freeman:

      Apparently he has been looking sharp the past few days and has improved his accuracy. One of the things he's been doing very well in is the 2 minute drill, as he has been getting the offense in fg range and RZ consistently.

      Kyle Moore has been making plays in the run def. and getting pressure on the qb. he's become more consistent at getting pressure and has been hands down the best DE in camp right now. Just got off to a shaky start, as did Freeman.

      EJ Biggers and Myron Lewis continue to impress and make several pass breakups. They have great reaction toward the football, however they have dropped a few int's.

      Mack continues to dissapoint. He's getting beat rather easily and has been very inconsistant. He'd be the 5th corner right now if the season started today.

      As we predicted, Williams, Stroughter, and Benn are the best wr's in camp. Benn got off to a slow start, but is showing his excellent route running and physicallity by making tough grabs over the middle. Williams is hands down the best WR here and might be that playmaker we've been looking for at WR for years. Stroughter has done nothing but impress with his ability to get open and make tough grabs.


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        Thanks for the updates, much appreciated.

        good to hear about Freeman and the others

        Any info on Dotson? It's my understanding that he's been working on the left side but I'd be curious to see if he could take over for Trueblood after this season.


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          I went to TC early practice last wednesday, my 2 cents.

          On the WRs
          M. Williams made some big plays on the 7 on 7, but had multiple drops in the one on ones. (he's not a small guy but for some reason I was expecting him to be taller)
          Benn looked decent, had a few drops and a few good catches, was an animal on SP Team drills, runs great routes - he stood out in the red zone drills.
          Sammie and Stovall both looked good, Sammie had a nice TD catch and Stovall made multiple big plays. Reggie Brown didn't overly stand out to me but he had a sweet comeback catch in the one on ones. Clayton was pretty invisible, he did some of the drills but was out of a lot of them.

          On the QBs -
          Freeman, he was up and down the whole day. The goal line drill was horrile (or was it just great D? lol), he had a fumbled snap during that drill. Some overthrown balls. Had some really nice mid range throws and hit M. Williams/Sammie on multiple deep passes.
          JJ - he had a really nice gain on a broken play, thats all i noticed.
          Carpenter - He had a 20+ TD throw to Stovall that was sweet, thats all i noticed.
          McCoy - was a beast on the Dline drill, looked good in most of the drills even when double teamed. Vincent did own him on one play - he got pushed back like 8 yards and lost his helmet in the process. Price dnp.

          Other then that Huggins stood out - he was playing at a different speed, Caddy looked good, Myron Lewis looked really good as did Ronde. Mack looked really bad at times but he had some moments. None of the DEs impressed me. Roy Miller and Dre Moore both from what I could see looked good in the goal line drill.

          Bottom Line - Defense is way ahead of the Offense. But there is a lot to be excited about on the offense.
          I expect a 7 or so win season with a lot of big plays from the Offense and at the same time a lot of mistakes.
          The Defense I think will be great in pass coverage but will still struggle against the run again, improved run D tho.
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