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  • Yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

    Bucs win!

    Freeman is the truth!

    Mike Dub will be a stud.

    Geno Hayes played great.

    Tanard played great.

    Ronde is still Ronde.

    Barth was money.

    "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM

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    I am very happy that we got the Dubya, but we didnt look too good out there. Tanard was solid but took a terrible angle on that massoquoi TD. Freeman made some terrible throws but for now I hope we can chalk that up to his thumb.

    I am loving Mike Williams and Geno Hayes though. And it feels good to see Ronde out there still ballin. Although if this was 2002 that would have been pick 6.


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      Observations on today:

      Freeman seemed to struggle early and that INT he threw seemed to be misscomunication between him and spurlock as he threw it more towards the outside while spurlock broke towards the middle.

      Freeman really settled down and I'll tell ya what, he is a load to bring down and he has some wheels too. But passing wise, he does a nice job spreading the ball around to 7 different targets. Yes, Williams and Winslow will be target most, but he knows if its not their to trust other options. That pass to Spurlock to win the game was a BEAUTY! Also, I loved watching NFL Gameday Highlights tonight and hearing Deon say to Much, "Freeman is gonna be a good one."

      Mike Williams simply is the steal of the 2010 draft and those WR needy teams are regretting passing him up. He just seems like a veteran with his field awareness and simply not giving up on the play when he tipped that ball and went up to get it for the TD. Guy's a baller.

      Caddy may not be as explosive, but he will eat up clock and will be a bruiser. Little upset that we didnt see Huggy. He could be our more explosive back with Graham and Caddy being more physical and chew up clock.

      Our o-line was average. Giving up 3 sacks against the Browns defense was poor. Hopefully their is an improvement next week against Carolina.

      Defensively, I was impressed.

      We did give up 4.5 avg. per carry, but they forced 3 turnovers. Ruud finnally made an impact play by laying a huge hit on the ball to force that fumble. Black and Hayes look great and are going to be studs.

      Our d-line, even though didn't record a sack today, applied pressure when needed. Not their fault Delhome got rid of it, however, their applied pressure forced incompletions and 2 int's. McCoy and Price are already showing signs they can be a disruptive tandem with Miller in the DT rotation (if only we had a good DE).

      Our secondary, besides that bad coverage that allowed the long TD, played well. I said it last year that Biggers was going to be a steal after TC in 2009, and was dissapointed he didn't get to play due to injury. With Talib back next week, I think he is going to excell in the nickle and may relieve Barber on the outside. Jackson is a straight up baller and Barber had a nice pick, but showed his age as he wasn't able to go the distance on that pick!

      Overall, I am excited about this team this year. May not make the playoffs, but they are going to be exciting to watch. They jjust took a while to get going and once they did, Cleveland was lost and confused.


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        Totally forgot to give a shout out to Biggers. My bad and good call, bucfan12.

        "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM


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          2nd half defense: 0 pts, 17 rushing yards allowed.

          Oh baby.

          Looks like we get Jimmy Clausen starting next week. 2-0 is within reach!

          Oh... and we get our best player back! TALIB ISLAND!!!
          save Freeman


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            I'm stoked with the win and hope we can keep the trend going on for the rest of the season!


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              What i really like about freeman is that he missed the first big one to MW (altough he has to hit him there!! ) he comes out the very next play and throws a strike to spurlock for the TD.

              McCoy had a very good game. Pressure on passing down and hold his own vs the run. Nice Job by the whole D stopping the run (in the second half)

              i didn't like the playcalling on first down after Rondes INT (but i'm not sure now how the time out situation was) but i wanna pount the rock there.

              our 4minute offense looke GREAT. With 5and change on the clock we run the ball down there throats and should have scored at the end. HOLD ON TO THE DAMN BALL !!!!. But it was, till the fumble, a fantastic 4minute offense drive.

              BUCS WON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                They started slowly but really turned it on in the second half defensively. Still some concerns (playcalling is very predictable with respect to run/pass), but there are many reasons to be optimistic.

                The d-line got pressure at times, but it wasn't consistent. Still it was an improvment over last year. McCoy looked pretty good overall, especially when you consider it was game 1 of his rookie year.

                Would like to see a more consistent ground game, and I can't figure out why Graham was getting the ball at the goal line when Caddy seemed to be rolling pretty well.

                Loved the Mike Williams TD catch. Great concentration.
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                  I am so stoked with Mike Williams. I really hope we've finally found ourselves a legitimate #1 wide receiver. We haven't really had one for a while (Joey Galloway counts to an extent, but he could be shut down) so it'd be nice to just have that guy you can count on every single week.


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                    Aye thanks guys for giving me the 411 on the bucs I dont get to catch the games and from the looks of all the black outs people down in tampa dont get to watch the team either. From the looks of the highlights freeman throws a beautiful deep ball tho.

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