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I love it how the media...

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  • I love it how the media... no respect to the Bucs after every win. Seriously.

    Week 1, after every analyst predicted Cleveland to beat us, all talked about how Mangini and the Browns are in serious trouble when this game should of been a "sure" win for the Browns. Yet, no props or respect for the Bucs.

    Week 2, before the game, everyone stated that Carolina playing Tampa was the perfect rebound game to come off a loss. Well, Tampa destroys them, and yet, no respect. All I hear is, "Whats wrong with the Panthers?"

    Week 3, well we all know what happened there.

    Week 5, go into Cincinnati with everyone expecting the Bengals to exploit our Secondary the way Charlie Batch did. And every analysts claimed the Bengals as super bowl contenders who had a minor slip up. Remember, this is the same Bengals defense that beat the Ravens and made Joe Flacco look like a Rookie by forcing 4 Int's. Yet, everyone says this a great opportunity for the Bengals to bounce back and get an easy win against a young inexperienced Tampa Bay team. Well, guess they were all wrong again. The Bucs pull out a win and honestly, were the better team the whole game. They just shot themselves in the foot with two TO's inside Bengals territory (1 of them inside the 5.) Yet, after the game, we hear the whole NFL media, NFL Network and ESPN, talk about "whats wrong in Cincinnati?" Yet, no props for the 3-1 Bucs. No respect for Josh Freeman. No respect for a defense that caused 3 int's.

    So, honestly, I think it could be good that the Bucs are flying well under the radar. I mean, it can motivate this young team to earn that respect. But, I think it's sad that they get no respect at all.

    Also, I remember watching the ESPN 32 team training camp tour with the Bucs. Adam Shefter interviewed Gerald McCoy and Josh Freeman. At the end, both guys said in their final statement "Let them think we're too young"

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    The had Freeman on NFLN roday for an interview, but yeah i get what you're saying. I like us flying under the radar though.

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