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    Originally posted by smittyjs View Post
    Went to the games, overall we looked good, White and brown look like beast, all of are Rb's are fighting hard for the staring job, but IMO White is ahead at this moment. VY looked good, had a badass TD run and a great TD throw, Moulds, finally made a few catches tonight. Defense stuffed the run, was getting some pressure also on the QB, and Chris Davis had a PR for a TD in the game.
    The thing that has really stood out to me so far this preseason is how well our D-Line is playing. I've been a big critic of the Titans not addressing DE earlier in the draft; however, they all seem to be playing very hard. With the recent signing of Corey Simon, I'd like to see Tony Brown moved to DE where he can platoon with Odom (allowing LaBoy to come in on 3rd downs...where maybe Brown can shift to DT on 3rd downs).

    Also...our secondary, especially at CB, looks very solid. Even Reynaldo Hill looks a little bit better this preseason than he did all last season. I think Harper & Finnegan will end up being the starters; however, Griffin will get plenty of play-time in our nickel packages. I'd like to see Hope step-up a little bit more; but I think he will once the season starts. Also, it'll be interesting to see who wins the starting FS spot -- I've got a bad feeling that it'll be Lamont, but we'll have to see how it plays out.

    As far as tonight's game, Chris Davis' punt return was incredible. He just seems to have an extra-gear in punt returns -- and during his TD run, it seemed like everyone else was in slow-motion by comparison.


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      I didn't really think Reynaldo looked good at all tonight. Don't want him starting. Hopefully he's our 4th CB at best, which he should be.

      I saw the same things from him this game that I saw all of last year - big cushions given to receivers, and no explosiveness to break on shorter routes. Just look at Griffin. Every time a comeback is thrown at him, he's draped right on top of the WR to either swat it down or make the tackle and hopefully jar it loose as soon as the ball hits the WR. Then watch Reynaldo try to defend a comeback route. Ball is caught before Rey can even start to break to the WR and he's likely 10 yds away from the guy. That annoys the hell outta me



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