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    What do you guys think of him? Is he going to be the starting middle LB this year? Is Fowler much competition? How has Tulloch done in training camp/preseason so far?

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    It's gonna come down to how they play in preseason. Fowler got the start in the 1st game and was invisible. Tulloch should get the start in the next game, so we'll see how he does. They are gonna rotate em like that with the first team until one distinguishes themself.

    I thought he played well last year when he got a chance.
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      Pit Bull basically hit the nail on the head. Whenever Tulloch got the chance, he made the best of it. It even got to the point to where the fans wanted Tulloch to start over Peter Sirmon. Fowler was brought in to compete for the MLB spot, but at the time, I thought it was purely for competition and to show Tulloch that he wasn't going to be handed the starting role. Now, either one has a chance, but most fans are still on Tulloch's bandwagon. I think it will ultimately come down to who stops the run better, since that will be a weakness on our defense and our OLB's are very fast. Whoever is the better run stuffer will likely become the starter.
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