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    Originally posted by TitanHope View Post
    It's all good Ewing. I appreciate the apology. And try to take it easy on the drinky-drinky. ;)
    First MNF game since 2004; I had to do something special.


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      Tis true. But, I am but 18, so no drinky-drinky. I'll stick with my good ole Mtn Dew.

      But not that Game Fuel crap... Junk tastes like medicine. Yet, I drank a ton of it at a Halo 3 party on Tuesday. Oddly enough, I never peed once.
      Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

      Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
      Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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        in all honesty, if u ask anyone for a play that sums up the titans it is

        keenen pump fake past the LOS LT bites

        LT ruined us in more ways than one

        It doesnt bother me, my team is 2-1

        and remember if a charger fan says ANYTHING just chant 1 - 3

        and if a chicago fan says anything 1 - 3

        if a giants fan says anything...they are a giants fan...



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