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    Any info on this guy. The Dolphins just signed him to replace Chase Page who is on IR. He's only 23 and I remember him being a good prospect when he came out but I haven't heard anything from him since and it can't be good that he was a FA this late in the season. What can we expect from this guy? Any upside?

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    I'm a Vols fan and loved him, but he never really did much with us. Got some playing time by default early in the year last year and then just dropped off the map.

    Played quite a bit in preseason. Honestly, I thought he looked a little sloppy with his weight. His playing style is based more around quickness, so I thought he would be more effective at a lower weight.

    Big knock on him was that he spent too much time on the ground.


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      Thanks for the help. Maybe we will get him to drop some weight and move over to DE where he could use his quickness better off the edge in our 3-4. He's still young and our defense has been bad so might as well take a look. Can't be any worse then what we got.



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