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    Originally posted by PacMan_32 View Post
    for the draft im praying we go bowe first round....the kid is a beast!
    I love Bowe too. Hopefully he doesn't go before our pick if we're gonna go after a WR. This is my favorite video


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      Originally posted by Pit Bull #53 View Post
      I love Bowe too. Hopefully he doesn't go before our pick if we're gonna go after a WR. This is my favorite video

      When he runs over that Arkansas linebacker....that gets me pumped up...please FO Draft Bowe!!!


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        I guess I should restate what I said. I want Bowe IF we decide to go after a WR in rd. 1.

        If the decision were being made by me, I take the top rated DL on the board, and wait on WR until round 2 and get a guy like Craig Davis. The problem with this is, with the Pac situation, we may potentially be in dire need of a CB, and getting one in the mid rounds is far from a sure thing, as we've seen (Tony Beckham, Rich Gardner, Michael Waddell). So that may be bumped up.

        But, if we don't take a WR early, or acquire one in FA, then our current starting WR's are Brandon Jones (which I am fine with).....and Roydell Williams/Courtney Roby/Jonathan Orr (which I am NOT). And if we don't take a DL and take WR and CB in 1 and 2, then we are forced to start LaBoy/Odom again unless we sign Kevin Carter. And then, if the Pac situation isn't resolved and we don't draft a corner and instead go for DL and WR in 1 and 2, we will be starting Reynaldo and Finnegan.

        Granted, some things need to be worked out with regards to Pac, and some things have to play out in FA with who we bring in at these positions, but we could potentially be in a real bind with what direction to go.

        I've been hinting at this since last season ended, but I think the people predicting playoffs in 2007 are in for a rude awakening. We have alot of holes to fill and it's gonna take more than 1 offseason.
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          I really dont think pacman is going to be gone to be honest.....and if he is 2nd round we can get a good CB like Eric Wright

          Wide reciever is more important in the development of Vince....our recievers right now will only stunt his growth...Bowe will help him out....1st round WR we will probly go


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            If we sign Kevin Carter (which I think there's a good chance that we will), what position do you guys think he'll play??? Personally, I think he'll play most of his time at DT rather than DE, where he could provide some pass-rushing on the interior line.

            Right now, we have glaring needs at:
            DE, WR, DT, & CB

            And moderate needs at:
            RB, MLB, & S

            We REALLY need to address a couple of those glaring needs in FA--whether that means bringing in DE Kearney or CB Harper or DT Ian Scott or WR Stallworth or whoever...I don't know.

            Here's one thing I was wondering as far as the WR position...
            What about Darrell Jackson??? He's apparently unhappy with Seahawks ownership, and the Seahawks are said to be openly gauging interest from other teams in terms of a draft-pick trade. Jackson obviously has ties with our new GM, and he's a legit #1 WR. The only questions are whether his beef with the Seahawks' brass includes Reinfeldt AND what the asking price would be in a trade. The Seahawks are without a 1st rounder (from the Deion Branch trade), and we could maybe get DJ for our 2nd rounder. Just something to consider...
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              The Darrell Jackson idea has definately been floated around recently. I guess the only problem I have with it is that he drops even more balls than Bennett did. He's been very productive though. Three 1,000 yard seasons. However we get it, we need another WR. Problem is, like you said, we also need another DE, DT and CB.

              I'd like to see us do something like packaging some of our mid-round picks to move up and get an additional 2nd round pick, then use the first three picks on the best available WR, CB, and DE.

              Maybe make out of it with guys like

              1. Bowe
              2. Eric Wright
              2. Tim Crowder


              1. Chris Houston
              2. Craig Davis
              3. Josh Wilson/David Irons


              1. Moss
              2. Aaron Ross
              2. Jason Hill

              Anyway, I'm just throwing names out for the sake of combinations. Idk, just kinda floating ideas


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                Originally posted by Pit Bull #53 View Post
                Yeah, you can basically put to rest the trading up for CJ's a pipe dream at this point. A team with as many holes as we have can't just be trading away the future for 1 player.

                So, back to what I posted earlier, sounds like Chow is really pulling for a WR. My personal preference at #19 is Dwayne Bowe if he's there, like I've been saying all along. I think his skill set would go great with VY, and help alleviate some of his accuracy problems. Bowe dominates the middle of the field, and VY likes throwing there. He's also the most physical receiver in this draft, something we lack, and he can use his big body to shield defenders. I think he would work good against a defense like the Colts, since their coverages guard against deep plays, let him work the underneath routes and the middle of the field, and use his strength to break through tackles. I'd like a receiving group of

                WR - Dwayne Bowe
                WR - Brandon Jones
                Slot - Bobby Wade

                And then hope that Troupe gets his mind right on the field, with Scaife as another good receiving option.
                I really like your thinking here. Bowe is a physical guy, and the Titans need some of that. Those three WR could be a good threat for VY along with the TEs.
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                  Originally posted by Pit Bull #53 View Post
                  I love Bowe too. Hopefully he doesn't go before our pick if we're gonna go after a WR. This is my favorite video


                  I'd prefer Sidney Rice, but I know since it has become the fad on this site to undervalue him, I won't try to convince anyone. I would love Meachem too, but my guess is he will be gone.

                  Bowe isn't a bad option either, but he isn't going to stretch the field much at all. I wouldn't be unhappy with him
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                    I want maechem, i like the guys potential with fine tuning he could be a great number 2

                    but i would prefer if we drafted him in the 2nd if he was there and i would like to see us trade up and try and push for okoye im so high on this guy i really think he can be a kind of tommie harris type player if he really lives up to his athletic potential and we really could do with that, it would then take alot of pressure off the need for a GREAT DE

                    but i doubt that will happen


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                      I wanted to bump this back up to talk about something, specifically the RB position.

                      I've been looking at alot of mocks lately, and am seeing Kenny Irons available for our 3rd round pick. He didn't last quite that long in Scott's, but there's a chance that he could. Me, personally, I would jump all over that pick. Maybe even package one of our 2nd day picks to move up a little in the 3rd. I think we definately need a #2 RB to go with LenDale, and we currently only have Quinton Ganther. We are still very much a run first team and will be as long as Fisher is here. I think Irons would be perfect for the #2 role...his body wouldn't wear down from overloaded carries, and he could start occasionally if anything happened to LenDale. He is pretty fast and quick, and still runs with authority. Thoughts?


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                        I know I'm partial because I am a bulldog fan, but I would love see the Titans take a flyer on Danny Ware on the second day. He has a ton of talent and I think could be a very solid #2 back behind Lendale


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                          Ware didn't play much, right? I remember him making some plays, seemed like they were hard running plays.


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                            Ware had his greatest rushing total in his freshman year. Carries and yards went down incremently the next 2 years. He's got good size, but I think we really need a more proven guy as our #2. I see Ware as maybe a developmental guy as a #3, or a guy you'd allocate to NFL Europe. In LenDale's first year, he didn't show to be overly durable...maybe that changes, but I'd get more of a "sure" guy to be the #2. Just for the record, I don't think Irons will be available at our 3rd round pick after his good showing at the combine (good 40 and good short shuttle), but I wouldn't say it's impossible, so it's something to think about.


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                              i think im more interested in us picking up a veteran instead of a rookie, kinda like what we did with antowan smith with chris brown. that worked out pretty well.


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                                Problem with that is there isn't much out there. Corey Dillon, Chris Brown, Derrick Blaylock, LaBrandon Toefield. That's about the extent of it...



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