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Titans' 2008 Draft

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  • Titans' 2008 Draft

    The 2008 Draft is finally here!

    It's Draft weekend, and best of luck to the Tennessee Titans in finding good players to help the team for the future.

    Discuss the event here.
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    Thanks for the words, Geo! Good luck to the Colts as well. Though with Polian, ya'll guys won't need it. ;)
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    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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      I take it since no one posted anything, the Johnson pick was not well liked?

      I was a little dumbfounded myself. I was shocked, actually. Hope you guys did like it, and just didnt think to get online.
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        i like it....but i was shocked to say the least


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          Craig Stevens + Lavelle Hawkins = Titans Superbowl


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            I think before commenting on the 2008 NFL Draft, it might be useful to look back on last year's draft to see how that turned out...
            1.19 CB/S Michael Griffin, TEXAS
            2.50 RB Chris Henry, ARIZONA
            3.80 WR Paul Williams, FRESNO STATE
            4.115 C/OG Leroy Harris, NC STATE
            4.128 WR Chris Davis, FLORIDA STATE
            5.152 DT Antonio Johnson, MISSISSIPPI STATE
            6.188 WR Joel Filani, TEXAS TECH
            6.204 DE Jacob Ford, CENTRAL ARKANSAS
            6.206 CB Ryan Smith, FLORIDA
            7.223 OT/OG Mike Otto, PURDUE

            Many, including myself, considered Griffin somewhat of a luxury pick last year, as there were much bigger needs at both WR and DL. Griffin played pretty well when given the chance; however, the team screwed up by trying to force him into playing CB, rather than immediately replacing Lamont Thompson (whom every Titans' fan with half-a-brain had known was the weakest part of our defense for about 3 years). Chris Henry was drafted higher than most predicted -- in fact, later we found out that Fisher & Co. considered drafting Henry in the 1st round (instead of Griffin) but decided (thankfully) not to. Henry showed glimpses last year but was inconsistent and was ultimately suspended for violating league rules. Paul Williams didn't play a single down for us -- will he develop into a player this year? Leroy Harris looks like a solid OL...another example of Mike Munchak's ability to pick out good developmental OL prospects. Chris Davis was a below-average slot-WR and disappointed in the return game as well. Antonio Johnson was injured all year. Joel Filani was cut. Jacob Ford was injured all year. Ryan Smith was cut. Mike Otto is a backup on the OL.

            Overall, if you look at it right now, it looks like we graded out for that draft:
            2 HITS (Griffin & Harris look promising)
            3 ??? (will Williams develop? will Johnson & Ford return from injury?)
            5 MISSES (players who are either busts or 3rd stringers at best)

            So...let's look at the 2008 Draft...
            1st Round -- RB Chris Johnson, EAST CAROLINA
            2nd Round -- DE/DT Jason Jones, EASTERN MICHIGAN
            3rd Round -- TE Craig Stevens, CAL
            4th Round -- DE William Hayes, WINSTON SALEM
            4th Round -- WR Lavelle Hawkins, CAL
            4th Round -- OLB Stanford Keglar
            7th Round -- CB Cary Williams

            Unlike a lot of people, I'm not crazy about the Chris Johnson pick. Sure, he's fast, REAL fast. But he won't ever be anymore than a situational runner and/or receiver. I'm opposed to drafting a part-time player in the 1st round, especially when it doesn't address an immediate need position. I feel OK about the Jones pick. He's a tweener; however, he gives us some versatility on the DL which is good (because I think our DL is one injury away from being REALLY bad). Hopefully, Jones/Brown can play DE on run-downs and Kearse/Hayes can come in on obvious passing situations. I like Craig Stevens as a player...he's one of the more all-around TEs in the draft. However, again, I think we ignored more pressing needs to draft a part-time player. The Hayes pick baffles me. nearly all accounts, they could've drafted Hayes in a later round. Second...if they were set on drafting Hayes, they probably could've stayed and drafted him with their later 4th Round pick. Third...we traded up to get him (when we probably didn't have to), costing us a valuable pick that we could've used. I like the Hawkins pick...he actually caught more passes than DeSean Jackson last season and looks to be a decent all-around WR. However, will he really drastically improve VY's receiving options??? Keglar seems like a good special-teamer, and in my opinion, we desperately need some depth at OLB -- as we currently have no one in case Bulluck/Thornton miss significant time. I'll give the team the benefit of the doubt with Williams. It's a pick that addresses a position of need. Plus, they've had decent luck in getting 7th Round contributors in recent years (i.e. Finnegan, Amano, Rey. Hill to an extent).

            Overall, because we took so many developmental and/or part-time players, it's really difficult to guess how we did. My initial feelings are that we didn't do nearly as well as we could've done. We were shy about trading up to get some more receiving options for VY (even when the top WRs started to drop). IMO, our areas of biggest need were: WR, DE, DT, CB, & RB (in that order). We didn't really address DT at all. And we largely ignored WR & CB. Perhaps the staff feels that Antonio Johnson & Paul Williams will be able to contribute this year. Hopefully.


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              Well, I've had time to think about our picks and here's what I've come up with:

              Chris Johnson, RB/KR, East Carolina
              I never was a big Chris Johnson fan. I thought we had bigger needs at WR and DL, and that he didn't fit what we usually do at all in terms of RB. He's not an every-down RB, and he's not going to take many carries away from LenDale, who like it or not is our #1 RB. I thought this class was deep at RB, so depth behind LenDale could be addressed in later rounds. Plus, one RB in the first 2 RD's for three straight years is concerning, and we still neglected WR. We had our choice out of every WR available, and we declined it for luxury. It doesn't matter if the WR's available weren't automatic #1 WR's or that no WR's were taken in the 1st RD. When you pick at #24, you're not going to land Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald.

              Now, for the positive. Nicknamed "Pocket Rocket," Johnson is the fastest player in the Draft, and brings the home-run at any moment potential that our offense lacks. Johnson also has experience at WR, so his hands are great. He can line up at Slot and catch the ball out of the back-field. I hope we can play him in the slot regularly, ala Wes Welker. And when this guy gets into open space, watch out. He's also an excellent KR, and should handle those duties from day one. Though, he's never once attempted to return a punt. There are questions about Chris Henry, and LenDale's work ethic/injury worries from being the workhorse make Chris Johnson a fine pick. He wasn't a big reach, as he's a late-1st RD value in my opinion. I did think we had bigger needs, but with 'Dinger now running the OFF, our WR's should become better. Bottomline is that the Pocket Rocket can go straight up the gut and score (*Ahahahahaha!*) Instant offense.

              Grade: B-

              Jason Jones, DL, Eastern Michigan
              Though I was extremely disappointed when Limas Sweed was taken right before us, I think Jason Jones is a great pick. First of all, this guy is a monster. Odds are if we draft a DL, he's amazingly athletic (Kearse, Haynesworth, Odom, Ford, etc.). Jones is 6'5, 275 and can play DE and DT - he even played some OLB in college. He can start with Kearse at LE, and provide great depth at DL. Then eventually move inside to DT on passing downs in the future if need be. He gets many TFL's and can stop the run well. His pass-rushing technique can be coached up. Can't wait to see what Washburn does with him. Good value, and fills a need.

              Grade: A

              Our 1st Day grade is a B+, in my opinion. I'll do the 2nd Day later.
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              Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
              Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                Originally posted by TitanHope View Post
                When you pick at #24, you're not going to land Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald.
                I know its late but I disagree, Reggie Wayne, Santonio Holmes, Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Sidney Rice, TO, Brandon Marshall, the list goes on and on and on...You don't need a top 5 pick to land a stud at WR, just need some good scouting.

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                  I totally get what you're saying, LL, and our points are really the same. There can be just as much of a chance to find a #1 guy with the #5 overall pick or a 2nd-3rd RD pick. But my point was really about the WR's as draft prospects and not as NFL players. It's not very often that highly rated, bonafide #1 WR prospects fall to the bottom half of the 1st RD.

                  Now, many Titans fans want a #1 WR that will take attention away from the RB's and Vince, but were still satisfied with passing on so many WR's in favor of other players. They felt that since no WR's on the board were very likely to become #1 caliber WR's, then the team should pass. But in actuality, the Titans won't be in a position to draft a WR prospect like that unless they have a very high pick, so the only thing they can do is use their scouts and coaches to pick a guy that has the best chance to develop into something for them. They instead pass on talent and take a chance on a 2nd Day WR. Now, they're either being smart and taking a low-risk/high-reward gamble on a hopeful diamond in the rough, or they're being stupid by knowingly passing on players that logically have a better starting WR success rate. I hope Hawkins is a diamond, cuz I'm tired of these late round flyers after passing on talented wideouts.
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                  Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                  Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                    Crabtree to the Titans would equal an everlasting boner to me.
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                      Someone needs to de-sticky this thread, and VDM needs to re-make his Draft Thread that he made for the '08 draft.
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                      Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                      Damn Ke$ha is sexy.



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