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Titans players released and Free Agency signing.

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    Since CB is one of my favorite players, i would love to see him remain with the Titans.

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      I really like the idea of having Brown back. He's a perfect 3rd down back. He's a great blocker (remember the game winning block in the Texans game last year?). He's great at draw plays and screens too. I think he would scare a defense on third down. On first and second, I'd want White in there, but Brown could spell him here and there.


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        The Tennessean (more precisely, Scouts Inc.) said in today's paper that Corey Dillon is scheduled to meet with the Titans sometime this upcoming week.

        It looks like the Titans are very serious about getting a veteran RB on roster soon (whether it be Chris Brown, Corey Dillon, or Michael Turner). From a draft standpoint, I think adding one of those vets would be a good move--allowing the Titans the luxury of waiting until the late rounds to draft a RB (or even sign a undrafted rookie RB after the draft).


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          I think Corey Dillion is the best option for 1 season or 2. Then the Titans can attack major areas on that defense & offense. Lendale Get your ass in shape fast.



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