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Titans & RT Stewart agree to 6-year/$38.9 mil extension

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  • Titans & RT Stewart agree to 6-year/$38.9 mil extension

    Per the Tennessean

    Absolutely awesome news. Roos received 6-years/$42 mil, so both player got nice pay days and are gonne be our bookends for the next 6-years. With Jake Scott signed, Mawae's replacement in Amano signed, and having either Leroy Harris or Daniel Loper groomed to take over RG, we are set on the OL for at least the next 4 years - which is an amazing by the FO.

    The FO received criticism from people, including myself, for letting Odom, Bell, and LaBoy leave in FA for large contracts when we had plenty of cap room to sign all three of them, if not just one (which I would have preferred to be Odom...). But, since they didn't give out any ridiculous contracts, they were able to save enough cap space to sign our key guys like Roos and Stewart to long term deals. Now, all that's left to do is to get Haynesworth and Bironas signed long term and we're set.

    Again, great move Reinfeldt!
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    finally we are opening the cheque book


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      Tha made my day when i saw he got a new deal :)

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