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David Givens suing Titans for $25 mil

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  • David Givens suing Titans for $25 mil

    Former wide receiver David Givens is suing the Tennessee Titans for $25 million, alleging that the club withheld medical information from him and let him play despite a medical opinion that his knee wouldn't hold up for a full NFL season.

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    So he wants the total amount of the contract he signed when he signed here in FA.

    I feel for Givens. We had high hopes for him, but his knee injuries just kept him off the field practically from the get go.

    Dunno if he got an injury settlement or not, but I thought he did. If they can prove that the Titans kept things from him, then he deserves some money. His injuries were career ending, and he got them playing for the Titans. I doubt the Titans would risk an investment like that by playing Givens on a knee that was a ticking time bomb. I don't think Fisher would have played him unless he thought Givens was good to go.

    Nevertheless, I hope they settle on a lesser amount as an increased injury settlement for David and his family.
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      Fisher's comments sounded awfully fishy to me.

      Anyway, this shouldn't be underplayed. If Givens wasn't told, then it's a hella huge deal. His career ended because of his injury.
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