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Lendale White up to 260 lbs

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    Originally posted by Pit Bull #53 View Post
    There's the actual quote from the Tennessean

    haha thanks, i couldnt find the link
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      Nice to hear, I have faith in White.

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        im up a stone in 8 weeks

        my fitness is the same

        and guess what, my game is better

        i mean im 18

        RB 5ft 9, 190lbs, nothing shabby there, i want to be 220 by 25, its all about good weight not bad weight


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          The question is he a soft 260, or hard... with it being the off season, I am pretty sure it is a soft...

          I look forward to seeing him get more reps this year to see if he is the real deal or not...
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            Originally posted by bantx View Post
            lol need to hop on the slim fast.
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              sucks if true. he should be playing around 240 so its not that bad. but there needs to be some other guys behind him.

              with the recent events with pacman, i think the titans will stay away from anyone with questionable character.



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