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Givens back by Training Camp?

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  • Givens back by Training Camp?

    Originally posted by Gary Glenn, Titans Online
    Fisher said the rehab for David Givens, who started five games before suffering a season-ending ACL injury last season, is moving along and hopes the veteran receiver will be ready in time for training camp.

    "Iím not thinking otherwise," Fisher noted. "Thatís what we expect and thatís been the track record. Those who have suffered injuries in the middle part of the season or even the latter part of the season have been able to come back at some point in training camp. Itís coming along, itís going well and heís working at it. Heís probably in the toughest part of his rehab right now and heís giving us every indication that he will push right through it."

    He also addressed the PR/KR situation for if Pac is suspended, and mention Roby for KR and Finnegan for PR.

    As for Givens, this is extremely good news. Obviously, who knows if Fisher is really telling the truth, but I think it does diminish the thought of David missing multiple games next season.

    So, assuming Givens will be back next season, does this solidify DE as our first round need? Or do you think we should still go WR first round? How about CB? Does the thought of swapping first round picks with San Diego not become a big deal for fear of missing our on Meachem/Ginn? As well as any other thoughtful input you guys have.
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    Roby showed promise early actually. I think he'd be fine, and so would Finnegan. But we could well find someone in the draft for that role. Who knows, we might grab Breaston late or maybe Ginn early. I don't want Ginn, but it could still happen. As for dropping to 30, I don't think we will draft a WR in the first round anyway, but if we moved to 30 there would be value for guys like Craig Davis, Sidney Rice, or Dwayne Jarrett.


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      It would be nice to have Givens back by trainging camp, Maybe he can break the Titans FA WR curse.

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