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  • i wish we'd sign our draft picks instead.


    • He is big and strong though, so maybe he won't have to separate as much as someone less physical. I still don't expect alot from him.


      • he is excperienced though. maybe he'll be able to teach the young wrs a trick or two.


        • im glad we have someone who knows what its like to play #1 reciever in the NFL because im sorry since derrick mason left, none of our recievers have understood how it is to be a true #1


          • i read in a newspaper article in the tennessean today that the titans werent keen on signing him earlier this season but he recently did a workout for them that made them change their mind. it also said his contract was for one year so if we decide we dont need him we could cut him easy.


            • Pick #20 Aaron Ross signed, so maybe that will speed up negotiations with Griffin since he was just 1 pick ahead and they both play the same position.

              Tennessean says we're close to a deal with Paul Williams.

              EDIT- Williams signed

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              • any chance of us going after simeon rice now that he got cut?


                • Dude, we've got to go after Simeon. I think this is exactly the type of cut we were looking for. Is Rice open to any team, or does he have to clear waivers first? If he's available to us, I say we sign him tomorrow and get him into training camp this weekend.
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                  T-minus 1 year until the beginning of the Titans Dynasty!


                  • Fisher said in his press conference today that we are not gonna be using RB by committee. He said it's basically gonna be like last year, where one guy gets almost all of the carries, the 2nd RB will spell him when he gets tired, and the 3rd will either be inactive or have a special teams role.

                    My money is on LenDale being the starter.


                    • if chris henry winds up being the 3rd stringer and being inactive the whole season after using a 2nd rounder on him i will cry.


                      • The Titan's RB coach (I forget his name) was going crazy in a conference interview I read when he was talking about Chris Henry. So I doubt he'll be 3rd string, unless he's injured.

                        1. LenDale/Henry
                        2. Henry/LenDale
                        3. Chris Brown

                        Thats about how I see if for now. It would be nice to have Henry be the work horse, and LenDale play goal line. But, I see the edge to LenDale when it comes to the starting spot. He's proven he can be productive in college, and has NFL experience. I agree with Pit Bull. Unless White gets hurt or makes it rain somewhere, he'll probably be our starter.

                        And as for Simeon Rice...I dunno. I think we'd just be getting Simeon Rice's name, and not the great player. That injury last year must still be affecting him, since he failed the physical. IF he can pass a physical, I certainly wouldn't mind. He'll be wanting to get paid though, and since Reinfeldt has proven his stingyness, it likely won't happen. Plus, we have a pass-rusher in Laboy. We need the run-stuffing/1st and 2nd down DE to play opposite KVB. It seems like a luxury to me, and not a need. I'm looking for him to go to some Tampa 2 team (Detroit, Minnesota) or retire.
                        Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

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                        Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


                        • This is pretty interesting I think. If you look at the newest Tennessean article, off to the side are some tidbits about a few players with comments from Schwartz and Chow about them. I'll paste it up here:

                          A look at players the Titans are counting on to break out at some key positions, with comments from defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and offensive coordinator Norm Chow:
                          DE Travis LaBoy
                          Second-round draft pick out of Hawaii in 2004
                          So far: Has yet to play a full season because of injuries. Registered 6.5 sacks in 2005 and has 13.5 in three years.
                          Expectation: To be pass-rushing force opposite Kyle Vanden Bosch, drawing some attention away from the top sack threat.
                          Schwartz says: "He has unique abilities to rush the passer. People always talk about him as an undersized defensive end, and we want to try to be cognizant of the fact he's probably not an every-down player. He may have more production with fewer snaps… Hopefully we can keep him healthier and keep him fresher by using him in a little more limited role."

                          DE ANTWAN ODOM
                          Second-round draft pick out of Alabama in 2004.
                          So far: In his first two seasons he was too inconsistent. Last season a knee injury limited him to four games. Has just 4.5 sacks.
                          Expectation: Be a regular in a defensive line rotation, allowing Vanden Bosch and LaBoy to rest a bit without a big drop-off in the pass rush and to provide sturdy run defense.
                          Schwartz says: "The training camp and preseason he had two years ago, I was expecting him to have a huge year, and he just wasn't able to sustain the potential he showed. Last year it was a health thing. A couple years ago it was inconsistency, up and down, one game good, one game bad."

                          WR COURTNEY ROBY
                          Third-round draft pick out of Indiana in 2005.
                          So far: Was steady in chances as a kick returner but has just 23 catches for 317 yards and one TD.
                          Expectation: Could play early downs as an outside receiver, then move to the slot in three-receiver sets.
                          Chow says: "I think he made the biggest improvement in (Organized Team Activities), given a chance to play a little more regularly. The first year I thought he wore down a little bit. He has it all; he can run, he catches well, he runs nice routes, he's smart, he's one guy you can move around a little bit. He just needs to get that consistent play going."

                          WR BRANDON JONES
                          Third-round draft pick out of Oklahoma in 2005.
                          So far: Has 50 catches for 683 yards and six TDs despite missing six games as a rookie after suffering a torn ACL.
                          Expectation: Potential playmaker was probably the top guy going into the offseason, but it sounds like Williams and Roby moved by him in offseason. The Titans want steady, dependable play.
                          Chow says: "He played OK for us last year. We tried to move him around and play him in a lot of different spots. I'm not sure that's the best thing for him. If he can settle in at one spot, he might be more effective."

                          WR ROYDELL WILLIAMS
                          Fourth-round draft pick out of Tulane in 2005.
                          So far: Just 29 catches for 420 yards and two TDs. His 14.5-yard average is the best of the three receivers from the '05 draft.
                          Expectation: After a solid offseason, he could be looked to as the most well-rounded guy in the WR group as camp opens.
                          Chow says: "He needs to stay healthy. This guy has it all; he can run, he can get in and out of breaks, he catches the ball well."

                          RB LENDALE WHITE
                          Second-round draft pick out of USC in 2006.
                          So far: Appeared in 13 games as a rookie with 61 carries for 244 yards and no TDs.
                          Expectation: Improve work ethic at practice, stay fit and healthy, and establish himself as the lead running back.
                          Chow says: "That's the guy you have to really count on. I think he has to mature and grow up and be ready to take 250 carries if he's going to be the guy. That's why everybody is harping on him to get into shape and on and on. It's a tough position to play."

                          TE BEN TROUPE
                          Second-round draft pick out of Florida in 2004.
                          So far: Has 101 catches for 1,009 yards and seven TDs in three seasons. Had only 13 receptions last season before missing the final six games with a foot injury.
                          Expectation: Regularly show off the physical talents that can make him a matchup problem for defenses.
                          Chow says: "Obviously he's a really talented guy; he's 6-4, 270 pounds; he runs like a wide receiver. He needs to trust himself, trust the things he's doing. I think he hesitates at times because he's not letting his talents go."

                          DT RANDY STARKS
                          Third-round draft pick out of Maryland in 2004.
                          So far: Impressed in rookie year but then leveled off. Has 187 tackles and 10.5 sacks.
                          Expectation: Be a steady force against the run and show that the Titans didn't overestimate his upside/ growth-potential.
                          Schwartz says: "I don't see him in the same category as some of these other guys, but he has always been a notorious slow starter. ... Maybe the challenge for him is starting faster and not having to find his way now that he's into his fourth year."


                          • i read in the paper today that we were working out justin gatlin. anyone else know when this started?


                            • Reinfeldt said on the radio that we are bringing in Simeon Rice for a physical next week.


                              • Oh yeah and we signed Henry and Griffin today



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