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  • I guess that shows how much confidence they have in LaBoy. Well, if we sign Rice, we'll at least have a big name FA that was brought in this season. Maybe then the casual fans around here will stop saying we had a horrible offseason.

    And thats awesome that Griff and Henry signed! Can you find any numbers or at least years on their deals?
    Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

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    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


    • Haven't seen anything yet...btw here's a small Friday Practice Report.

      Couple interesting things, though it doesn't really mean much this early into practice since they'll eventually work themselves out during practice.

      LenDale weighs 241. Hope and Lowry are 1st team safeties. Fowler 1st team MLB. Odom 1st team DE. Brown and LenDale both got carries with 1st team.


      • glad to see all of the picks in on time.


        • 2 other small things on who was running with the 1st team.

          Tony Brown was ahead of Starks.
          Roydell and Roby were the starting WRs.


          • anyone know who the first team tight end was?


            • A blog entry from the Tennessean's Jim Wyatt:

              Adding Rice would give Titans good one-two punch
              by Jim Wyatt

              By JIM WYATT
              Staff Writer
              Earlier this week, the Titans upgraded at receiver by adding veteran Eric Moulds.
              Now the team has its sights set on former Buccaneers defensive end Simeon Rice.
              The signing of Moulds was a good move. Hes a veteran and hell add a presence the team needed, as the Titans are loaded with young receivers. But one has to wonder about him, especially since he remained unsigned for so long.
              The addition of Rice would be much bigger. He could dramatically change the look of the defensive line, if not the defense.
              Rice, released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, has 121 career sacks. Put him on the opposite side of Kyle Vanden Bosch and suddenly the Titans would have a pretty good one-two punch.

              Hed also take pressure off the secondary.

              Rice wont come cheap, but hed be worth it.
              "A lot of people say this and say that about us, but thats a good thing. We want to keep it low, and we dont want all the hype going with the Tennessee Titans. We want to just keep it low. Yall just keep talking about us, talking bad about us, so we can just continue to go out there each week and show the whole world what type of football team we are." -- Vince Young

              T-minus 1 year until the beginning of the Titans Dynasty!


              • According to the Tennessean, Tulloch was working with the 1st team at MLB today. So it looks like he and Fowler are gonna alternate reps until one takes charge and wins the job.

                Also said it appears that Scaife is ahead of Troupe right now, though it didn't seen very definitive.


                • how would or what do you guys predict the starting line-up to be on opening day at this ponit. first ill say im really counting on us adding simeon rice. and one more surprise prediction ill make is we cut moulds before the season.
                  QB- VY(duh)
                  HB- Lendale
                  FB- the marine(hall)
                  WR- B. Jones, and Roydell if he's doing as well as he supposedly is
                  TE- Scaife
                  RT- D.stewart
                  RG- B.olsen
                  C- Mawae
                  LG- Bell
                  LT- Roos

                  LE- KVB
                  DT- Haynesworth, Starks
                  RE- Simeon Rice
                  OLB- Bulluck, Thornton
                  ILB- Tulloch
                  CB- Harper, Hill(bleh)
                  FS- Lowry
                  SS- Hope


                  • I think that looks pretty good. Hard to tell who will win the job at MLB. I say it should go to whoever shows they can play the run the best.

                    One thing to note if we don't end up adding Rice is that KVB has been lining up at RDE and Odom at LDE, so that's a small flip flop.

                    Tough to gauge the WRs also. Roby and Roydell seem to be getting a ton of buzz right now, and are both running with the 1st team. Roydell was getting the early hype, now it seems that Roby is getting alot of it. Vince was even singin his praises in his latest interview. We'll see how it pans out. I do think Moulds will end up sticking on the roster also, but I'm not expecting much out of him.


                    • By the way, I do think the Roydell and Roby hype is legit...for now. I've read several accounts from people who have attended the practices and all have said that Roby and Roydell were running with the starters, and that both of them looked much better than any other WRs on the field. It's being said that Roydell is catching the ball great and that Roby is clearly our fastest WR and is running sharp routes.

                      The question now becomes can they sustain this level of success? I don't know but it will be interesting to see. Everyone seems to be a little down on BJones right now. He apparently has been very inconsistent through OTAs and camp so far. I think until something changes, or until he steps it back up, you have to put Roby and Roydell as the starters right now.


                      • i have always liked roydell always

                        i hope we bring in rice

                        and for gods sake put griffin at free safety


                        • Griffin practiced for the first time this afternoon.

                          Moulds apparently made some great plays.

                          Lowry and Hope still running as 1st team safeties. LaMont and Scott running with the 2nd team. Fuller and Herndon splitting time as NB.

                          Per a poster at another board that attended practice, Hill was the #1 corner with Harper, Finnegan, and Griffin playing opposite.

                          Same lineup with the DL: Odom at LDE, Tony Brown, Big Al, and KVB at RDE.


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                              please put him at safety


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