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    OK, he could drop to the second day, because of recent surgery and the fact he wont be able to show hes ready before draft day, if hes there in the fourth we take him, i truly believe its worth it

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    since we have two fourths currently, id have no problem with them taking bush there, but we'd still need to get a veteran somewhere along the way cause i dont think bush will be ready by the start of the season.


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      Hasn't Bush had extra surgery to put a pin in his leg ?

      However saying that if he can recover he would be a great day 2 pick up for someone.


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        thats what im saying. draft him with a 4th but pick up a vet and give bush the year to recover, kinda like the mcgahee situation


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          bush is in the mold of eddie george and chris brown. punishing style, runs high and open to hits thus more prone to injury.

          i think pittman is a good selection but it will be in day 1. if irons slips to day 2 i think he is worth it but most have him gone by day 1. day 2 guys i like are darius walker and kolby smith.


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            I dont think pittman will be there when our second round pick comes up and even if he is im not so sure we can afford to use one of our top two picks on a back, but im willing to go with those day two backs you stated.


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              I personally think LenDale is going to be fine in the feature back role, but it would be a major steal to get him in the fourth. We would have to be crazy not to get him there.


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                Yep, he would need recovery time, but he'd be incredible value in the 4th. It's a solid idea.


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                  Bush should be gone by the 4th round. Its been speculated that Bobby Petrino in Atlanta will probably take him in the 3rd, and they pick before us in the 4th too. BUT, in the slight chance that he does, I certainly wouldn't mind it. Imagine, LenDale White running it down the throats of defenses, just to get spelled by another 250 pound power back. *drools*
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