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    Video of Paul Williams WR Fresno State and the Titans 3rd round selection. Gotta say after watching this I think Williams could be a good receiver for the Titans. Looks to be really hard to bring down. Should be interesting to see what he can do next year.

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    Wow he looks fast and completly solid, almost nobody could bring him down in that video


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      Nice... I was looking for some vids of him... I'm going to give you some props, or whatever that snowflake thing is on the screen...
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        The fact that Williams burned a bunch of Pac-10 and WAC CBs doesn't mean much to me. We're not really talking about renowned DEFs in these conferences or the great secondary speed that you usually see in other conferences (like the SEC).

        However, I will say that I was impressed with Williams' tenacity -- as he seemed eager to lower his shoulder and plow into defenders.

        All that said, if Williams gets 600 receiving yards & 4 TDs this season, I'll be happy -- those would be pretty good numbers for a rookie.


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          The things I like are that he has freakishly long arms and huge hands. His arms are 35" long...that's good.....for a Left Tackle. His hands are also 10" and 1/8. Add that to a 38 and 1/2" vert, and he could win some jump balls.


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            I like what i see from that video, if the ball is in the air looks like Paul is going to come down with it...looks like he has the drive to do what ever possible to get extra yardage or score once he makes the catch
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              i love mr williams :)

              #2 on opening day i reckon


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                I know its too early to call him a bust but where is he at? brandon jones is out and courtney roby isnt doing anything so why isnt he getting some time, id really prefer him to be out there getting some game time as opposed to eric "one catch a game" moulds. anyone with me on this.


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                  He's been inactive every game, and probably will be until next year. They said after we drafted him that they liked him strictly as an outside guy, and he'll never play this year over Roydell, Moulds, or Gage. Then throw in the fact that Davis is our only guy that plays exclusively in the slot and that he also plays special teams, and that we like to keep 3 TE's active, and he just not gonna play.

                  Most 1st round receivers don't even do squat in their first year, he was a 3rd rounder. Patience....



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