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  • Andre Carter+Stephon Heyer

    These are two guys who I think hardly ever get recognition but I think deserve proper recognition. Carter already has tied a career high with 10.5 sacks, 50 tackles, 4 forced fumbles, and 1 safety. Very few ever talk about him being a pro bowl DE, but honestly I think he has to be considered a top 10 DE in the NFL. A superior pass rusher who despite being undersized is freakishly strong and has improved so greatly against the run. I could have never expected anything more from him but he really looks to be a star at RDE for at least the next 5 years. And how about Stephon Heyer. Dang man, an undrafted Rookie from Maryland and he appears to be our future RT. Honestly the way he's been playing I'd start him over Jon Jansen and Todd Wade next year but because of his age he will probably be back to a backup. But he is pretty amazing, can play either tackle positions as well as guard. He completely shut down Michael Strahan yesterday. I would spend a late first on him, yet we got him undrafted, a terrific steals. We draft well, we just don't have picks. All 6th rounders-undrafted are future starters for us or already are: Anthony Montgomery, Kedric Golston, Reed Doughty, HB Blades, Lorenzo Alexander.

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    i think your wrong on heyer. he did very well holding back strahan this weekend but he had help from the tight end and the fullback or running back on just about every pass play. hes had a good amount of penalties and has been abused more often than he has played well. he is still good value for an undrafted free agent but i do not see him as a future starter. at best he is going to be a quality backup for a few years. with that said he is definitely better than the crap that is todd wade.

    you're 100% spot on with carter though. last year people were screaming bust but it was clear towads the end of the season that he was starting to get a grasp of the defense and this year he is really excelling.

    the guy that i love though is montgomery. hes played like an animal this year and has nothing but upside.
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      I think Carter deserves pro bowl consideration. He is more consistent than Osi who got half his sacks against a first time starter. Steady pressure every game. He just needs some help on the opposite side of him. That's why I still favour drafting a LDE in round 1 as our top priority despite the recent long-term losses on defense. I think if we trade down we can still get Lawrence Jackson in the late 1st round and pick up an extra 2nd rounder.

      Heyer did get a lot of help Sunday but I think he has tools to work with. He'll probably sit behind Jansen for next year and we can get rid of Wade. I would prefer drafting a guard in the second round. Kendall and Thomas are both over 30 and we have to start grooming replacements.

      Monty has played great this year but largely gone unheralded. He should get some pro bowl votes too.
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