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    Interesting on how he's prioritized an interior pressure guy. I thought that the emergence of Montgomery, plus Golston from last year, along with Griffin, would be enough to push the focus on DT back a bit, but maybe

    A) They aren't planning on keeping Griffin (which I doubt)

    b) They don't buy Golston developing much (which I can buy ... some thought he was maxed out a bit coming out, which was part of the reason why he dropped)

    As for the rest, none of the other needs surprise me. I think the best route to go for WR is to find one in FA. For all the talk about Chad Johnson, it's been a tad surprising that there's been little to no talk on Seattle FA DJ Hackett, who would seem to fit the bill of what's needed.

    I'm not sure if there's a Justin Tuck type in this draft. Granted, no one knew that Justin Tuck would develop as such when he came out (that is, performa as he has in the interior). The most likely might be someone like Jason Jones, or maybe even a Johnny Dingle. I'll be curious if they pursue a DT and a DE, or they pursue a guy that can play both.

    As it currently stands, going CB in the first round still makes the most sense. Some value is bound to be there, whereas at the other spots, only WR stands out as a position where the value there might make sense. Ideally, the Redskins would find an ability to trade down somewhere, either in the first or the 2nd, to pick up an additional pick or two.

    Considering Cerrato's comments, it does make me wonder if a guy like Kentwan Balmer is there at the first, could be garner some consideration? If they can land a WR in FA, this would be a draft that I would suggest makes a ton of sense for the Redskins based upon the stated comments:

    1. CB Mike Jenkins (or whomever is here)
    2. DT Dre Moore
    3. DE Jason Jones (as close a guy to Justin Tuck as I can predict - granted, no one really predicted Tuck)
    5. OL Drew Radovich (I'd rather pencil in Chad Rinehart, but I don't think he falls this far, not sure if Radovich would either)
    6. WR Edward Williams
    7. FB Jerome Felton

    I would like to see them add a young runner, though. Someone like Kalvin McRae in day 2 perhaps may make more sense than a WR if they land a WR in FA.


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      i mostly just brought in the highlights of the article but cerrato actually does point out a few FA wrs that he thinks would fit the bill. he first talks about Bryant Johnson and Bernard Berrian as being the best fits then he also briefly does mention Hackett as a guy who has some experience with Zorn.

      i personally dont think that they will look to draft both a DT and a DE. i get the impression that they would ideally want a young guy with the versatility to play both positions if necessary. for me dingle is the most intriguing guy in the draft with this mold but others are jones and langford. griffin is a penetrating style defensive tackle but neither montgomery or gholston really fit that mold though both have progressed well, especially montgomery. ultimately my thoughts are that the skins want someone who can play most downs on the outside but situationally can move inside when they want to put Chris Wilson on the edge to really get a heavy pass rush without giving up much in run defense. i think the skins want to try and get wilson more snaps but he is only a situational pass rusher.



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