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    9/4 @ Giants 7pm ET
    9/14 vs. Saints 1pm ET
    9/21 vs. Cardinals 1pm ET
    9/28 @ Cowboys 4:15pm ET
    10/5 @ Eagles 1pm ET
    10/12 vs. Rams 1pm ET
    10/19 vs. Browns 4:15pm ET
    10/26 @ Lions 1pm ET
    11/3 vs. Steelers 8:30pm ET
    11/16 vs. Cowboys 8:15pm ET
    11/23 @ Seahawks 4:15pm ET
    11/30 vs. Giants 1pm ET
    12/7 @ Ravens 1pm ET
    12/14 @ Bengals 1pm ET
    12/21 vs. Eagles 1pm ET
    12/28 @ 49ers 4:15pm ET

    I bolded my favorite games. Starting in NY on a Thursday night will be great. It sure as hell won't be easy but I still can't wait.

    A MNF game against the Steelers is awesome. Every team wants at least one monday nighter and to get it at home is even better.

    I couldn't be happier than finally getting a mid season bye week followed by a nationally televised evening home game against the Cowboys.

    Ravens vs Redskins games are always a great time. Its pretty funny how much the fans seem to hate each other.

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    3 out of our last 4 games are away,thats tough.

    In fact the skins are on the road for 4 of the last 6 games, with giants/philly as the home bankers.....that is very tough.

    Early on, trip to the cowboys followed by a trip to the eagles,they dont want to make it easy for us to get back into the playoffs!

    I think the Redskins will have their work cut out.


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      Looks tough, Seattle is the game of the year, they beat us 2 times in 3 years during playoff games, its time to beat them.



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