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    Originally posted by 2 Live Crew View Post
    I realize this aint really gonna happen, I'm just basing this off what Cerrato has said:

    "You know, so youíve gotta go with how you have them ranked, how you have them graded, and you canít just go take a need."

    He places a very low priority on need during the draft. This is the problem I'm trying to point out. Its very likely he will make a bad decision with our 1st rounder.

    I mean he took 3 pass catchers in the 2nd obviously he believes in taking the best player available to a reasonably far degree. I don't believe he would have taken both Davis and Kelly if they weren't at the top of his board basically, which is a problem I'm trying to point out here.

    Either they were at the top of his board or Zorn influenced him to take all those guys (thus lying about taking BPA), which would also be a problem.

    It was definitely the Zorn influence. Vinny was told we didn't have the WR personnel for a WCO so he decided to get 3 big targets.

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