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  • Fed-Ex Field Rant

    We've all probably known this for years now, but just wanted to see what you guys on here think about it.

    I don't know about you guys but I strongly dislike Fed-Ex Field. We know that the hardcore fans are left out now, or relegated to the upper levels. The wine and cheese corporate crowd comes in and sits quietly while texting or doing something besides watching the game or cheering for the Skins.

    I think we can all agree that RFK was better and gave us a much better home field advantage. IMO, home field adv is pretty important in the NFL and we just haven't had a strong one for years now (steelers game). The 15+ years of losing (save a few acceptable years) have also drained the advantage.

    I try to get to 1-2 games every year and I have for a good 5 yrs now. After last year though, I question if its even worth the trouble now. The parking is 40$ . Oh sorry, 15$ if you want to walk 2 miles. The traffic is unbearable before and after, the seats are expensive, and then on top of all that...when they lose...UGH. Makes it all seem like a complete waste of time and hard earned money.

    This is the way a lot of NFL teams are going with the Mega-Corporate stadiums that shut out the hardcore fans. Still, it seems Fed-Ex for all these reasons is probably one of the worst.

    However, I don't doubt that if we ever start winning and getting playoff games that the place will be rocking.

    Anyone else that's been there...agree or disagree with me?

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    I think you are right in your assesment that it will rock when we are winning. Look at the Verizon Center the last two years. However, Verizon is in DC and is right by the metro which also makes it a lot easier to go to games for diehards and ritsy type alike. Fedex's size is great but like you said last years Steelers game was a joke. We went to a silent snap at home, that makes me want to throw up. Fedex also really doesn't have the personal feeling like RFK did or other great sports arenas in the past. They went corporate on the stadium and sacrificed an identity. Then Snyder comes and its been downhill ever since if you ask me. Yea he spends more than any owner but we pay for it in the end. I wouldn't mind paying for it if there was a more accesible stadium or just better overall experience, even if we aren't the greatest team at the time. It would be also sweet if he did what Leonsis did during the playoffs for home games but that will never happen because he is a money grubbing *****...

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      rfk was amazing. that said, i still always have a good time when i go to games at fedex. some of the best tailgating around.


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        FedEx is pretty good, just a ***** to get out of. Poorly designed roads leading in and out of there.



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          Originally posted by HChu View Post
          FedEx is pretty good, just a ***** to get out of. Poorly designed roads leading in and out of there.
          i gotta admit it actually helped me out last time i went to a game since i was able to walk beside the car most of the way out throwing up as we went. kept it out of the leather seats.



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