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The Head Coach of the 2010 Redskins

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    Ok, looks like a lot of options in this thread are gone now...

    Let's assume, no Gruden, Holmgren, Zorn, Harbaugh, and Cowher (prefers Carolina)

    Shanahan last man standing for this job? I'm warming to the idea Shanahan more every day.

    Also, what are the other legit choices we have here? Russ Grimm anyone?


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      Deal in principle.


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        Hey, no Vinny, new regime?

        I'd be interested to see how Allen drafts this offseason.


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          Well it's official. Welcome to DC Shanny!


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            That press conference was so satisfying. Just two years ago we had a qb coach hired as the OC then promoted to HC when nobody else would take the job. His name was Jim Zorn, fearless leader of the Maroon and Black! :)

            In all seriousness I am very excited to finally have some stability in place. I know Shanahan will work his hardest and I love what Bruce Allen brings to the table. Don't know what we will do at DC but as long as we bring in someone with some tenacity and ability to whip some of our lost players back into shape we could really have something in 2 to 3 years. I'm not going to say we are ready for the playoffs next year with so many question marks at QB, Line, Rb but at least the future is bright for once at the top, now we just need the players and the performance to go along with it.


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              Welcome coach Shanahan & Bruce Allen.

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                Skins hire another coach with 3-4 experience and 4-3 experience.

                Per JLC twitter: Redskins hire Jacob Burney as DL coach. Had worked with Mike Shanahan in Denver.



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                  I'm a Texans fan, but I root for the Redskins as well. I was hoping that the Redskins would retain Zorn, but I really like the Shanahan pick up.


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                    Congrats to the guy who should have been our head coach in 2008...........

                    Gregg Williams tamed the great peyton Manning(you cant give Brees and the saints offense all the credit) and now has a winners ring.
                    Hope it has sunk in to snyder how little he knows about football.



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