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The Head Coach of the 2010 Redskins

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  • The Head Coach of the 2010 Redskins

    I think its clear Zorn is in over his head here. Too much too soon. Personally, I voted for Gruden because I think he could be a long term answer. Cowher would be my second choice and then probably Shanahan third.
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    I voted for Cowher. I'm no fan of Gruden, I think he is horribly overrated and doesn't develop QBs as much as collect them. Shanahan is good for offense but has had some pathetic defenses during his tenure. Holmgren is getting older and may have lost the fire.

    Cowher has his drawbacks but might inspire the overpaid bums on this team to live up to their talent.
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      If you guys got Cowher, your defense would be great. Probably run a mix 4-3/3-4. Haynesworth and Osackpo would be looking great

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        i voted zorn cause i still believe in the team to do good this year and he will stay and campbell will get offered a super contract and be in the same offense for 3 years!
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        RIP, Sean Taylor.


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          Brian Billick wouldn't be a bad choice...


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            Pick your poison;

            Zorn has never been an offensive co-ordinator and sometimes it shows.It is looking like he cannot develop campbell so both should be gone in2010.

            Snyder is looking for an offensive guy to spark some life into his team,which might explain why he left gregg williams/spagnuolo/schwartz and meeks on the bench.

            Shanahan is my bet, but i dont rate him highly as without elway and terrelle davis what did he achieve when he got g.m. duties.One thing is he has never had a defense in denver as solid as ours.But coaching in the afc west is a cakewalk compared to the brutal nfc east!

            Cowher has been approached before and turned us down,why go back to him?
            He would take less dollars to coach carolina panthers.
            A defensive guy(help from dick lebeau)what could he do for our offense?

            Gruden could be interesting as he tends to have feuds with his players but have we come so low that we have to employ ex raider coaches?

            Hey,we got Gibbs from the san diego chargers why dont we get their current coach as they have a potent offense.
            Maybe not.


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              Originally posted by treyskins View Post

              Gruden could be interesting as he tends to have feuds with his players but have we come so low that we have to employ ex raider coaches?
              its low because hes an ex raider coach? he won two straight division titles and went to the afc championship with the raiders. hes also a super bowl winner. he had a lot of ups and downs in tampa. 3 division titles and a super bowl victory to go along with 3 years under .500 and 2 decent 9-7 seasons of which the Bucs suffered some serious injuries.

              im not saying that gruden is the answer but its definitely an intriguing scenario. we could continue to build on the west coast offense and bring in a guy like pennington that knows scheme. draft a QB/OT combo in the first and second round and let the rookie and brennan battle it out behind pennington for the future.


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                John Fox might get fired... Del Rio too.


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                  Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
                  John Fox might get fired... Del Rio too.
                  I'm not really a fan of either as a HC.


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                    I'd say other. Not sure who though.

                    I wouldn't want any of those guys. I just don't see them coming into Washington and winning. Could any of their egos be subsided by Snyder? Probably not.

                    I say keep Zorn, see what he's got for this year. It's too early to write him off yet.


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                      Sources: Gruden atop Snyder's wish list

                      I found this to be the best/worst part:

                      Snyder is seeking is a candidate willing to leave major personnel decisions to Cerrato and the owner.
                      = FAIL
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                        Sigh...that quote from Geo is just well...FAIL

                        Ladies and Gentleman introducing the most hopeless franchise in football...YOUR WASHINGTON REDSKINS


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                          some guy over at extremeskins posted this about gruden and it had me rolling so i thought id share:

                          "Gruden really talks this way ALL THE TIME, doesn't he?

                          Can you imagine going to dinner with this guy?

                          LKB: Hey, Jon. Want to go to Olive Garden tonight?

                          JG: Let me tell you something, Olive Garden is right at the top of the list of places that I like to eat. They can flat-out make pasta. And those breadsticks can be served to me at any time.

                          LKB: Um...ok...if not there, maybe Fridays?

                          JG: Now Friday's is a place that I just love to eat. They serve food with intensity there. They make it happen every time they come to your table. And those servers give 110 percent all the time. And you gotta love the flair.

                          LKB: I have a headache. Do you think you can tone it down a bit?

                          JG: Let me tell you something. When I have a headache, for me, it's Aleve. Aleve never lets me down. It's got intensity. It's got heart.

                          LKB: I gotta go."


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                            I bet it will be Shanahan.

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                              Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
                              I bet it will be Shanahan.
                              im pulling for gruden but i can just as equally see shanahan. snyders redskin one private jet was tracked earlier this week to tampa and back. if you watched usf vs cinci last night youll know who was in tampa this week...only way holmgren comes in is if zorn stays on somehow in some form. i just cant see holmgren taking over if zorn gets the can. word is they are too good of friends.



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